Fair Photo Contest-Result.

I really haven't felt like blogging the past few days. I have been fighting a nasty cold. It hit about Wednesday last week. Saturday I was ready to make my own funeral arrangements. I felt that bad! My daughter was home and despite feeling like death was upon me, I managed to keep going.

Even though I was feeling bad, I was able to do a few things with my daughter on Saturday, made it to church Sunday and had Fathers Day dinner with daddy at a restaurant of his choice. He chose a little hole in the wall place in Mt. Holly NC call Mr. Ds Pizzarria.  It was pretty good from what I could taste. It was a small place but the servings were huge and cooked to order. 

Before we headed to dinner, I stopped by the fair in town to wait on the results of a photo contest I had entered. You can read about it HERE
It was an amature photo contest were I sent in a photo I had taken of down town and it made it to the finals to be judge at the fair for a cash prize. It was almost 100 degrees and I still had cold chills. I think I had a fever. 
After hanging around the fair for a few minutes, I never heard who won. Since I had no confidence of winning and with the way I was feeling, I headed home. 

A few minutes later, I got a message on the winning results.
“Your photo won, come by the fair tent to collect your prize”
I won one hundred dollars for my photo. I did not go back to collect it that afternoon, but they held the prize for me to come pick up today. I’m feeling 80% better today, So after work, I headed back to the fair to collect my money. I have already spent it too. Ha! Yep, it doesn't last long when the fridge is running low and I have my appetite back. 

“90% of photography is being at the right spot”


  1. Congrats Lisa! I hope that you're feeling better!

  2. Hey that is great, sorry about the cold. Hey! Ain't this the wrong time of the year for that? I ain't no expert, I reuse to have a cold (they kill old people) but ain't that a winter malady?

    Anyway sorry you had it but glad you are better and WON the contest. Good stuff lady!

    1. I know right? I have managed to skip getting a cold for two years. Then WHAM! A summer cold they say is the worst. I believe it.


  3. awwww . . . I didn't know I was quotable. That has to be the first time I've ever been quoted. I'm feeling special.

    My cold dropped into my chest and I'm starting week 3. Ahhhhh...the Supaphed seems like the only thing that works, but disrupts my sleep.

  4. ...oh yeah...I was so excited about the quote I almost missed the point of your blog...CONGRATS on the excitement. That's even better than being quoted. Very cool. And buys snacks and things. :)

  5. Sorry you're feeling so bad but WOW congratulations on winning the photo contest. That's great. I must say I'm not surprised, it is a very good picture. : )

  6. congratulations. glad you're feeling better too.

  7. I love your pictures. I don’t know why you
    Weren’t confident. Glad you’re back amongst the living:)

  8. How exciting that your photo won! Congratulations!!

  9. How exciting Lisa to have won the photo contest!! I do hope that you are feeling better soon. :(