New IceCream Shop in Town

I got news of a new Ice cream shop that opened up about a half mile from my house. I could actually walk there.

It's called Xcite's Sweet Connection.

They specialize in different styles of ice cream from around the world featuring Gelato, Fried Ice Cream, and shaved ice.
What caught my eye was the "rolled ice cream". There were hundreds of flavors to choose from.

Basically they make a mix of the flavors you choose, while spreading it thin to freeze. Then they would carefully roll it, put it in a cup and top it with even more toppings.

(Picture source)
When I heard about  Xcites Sweet Connection, we had to make a family trip over there and try it out. It was the first day so it was crowded and hectic. After a 45 minute wait in line, we got our Ice cream.

I chose the "Salted Carmel Pretzel" and my daughter got "Toasted Marshmallow Smores".

Nick didn't get one but we shared ours with him.

I am not too worried about ruining my diet with this place being so close to me as it's not a doughnut shop or bakery. I like Ice Cream but I have to be in the mood for it.
I do not like to just sit and eat ice cream. I have to be walking around or riding in the car to enjoy a cone of milkshake.

What did I think about it? I thought it was pretty good but a little pricey. I hope they make it, but most places on my end of town do not last more than six months.

Have you ever had rolled Ice Cream (AKA stir fried icecream)?


  1. It looks delicious! I’m like you.....sometimes I’m in the mood for ice cream or at least a yogurt cone! Never had the kind featured in the new shop just down the street from you!

  2. You had me at ice cream and them you said rolled and I saw it and I am wanting ice cream for breakfast. YUM!

  3. I have never had rolled icecream nor fried ice cream. One of my favorites growing up was the orange/vanilla push-up. That was the furthest I have been with ice cream other than a cone. Now I can just sitback and enjoy a cone of Butterpecan Ice Cream.
    Enjoyed the entry and I too hope the place makes it. So many startups just do not make it, as you said.

  4. Rolled ice cream is a new one for me, but I'm sure I'd love it. : )

  5. Nope-have never had rolled ice cream but I have the rolls to prove I've eaten ice cream-does that count? lol I only like Breyers Natural Vanilla or Chocolate. I am THAT girl (or old lady depending on your age).
    Have a good night- xo Diana

  6. It looks great. But like you, I don’t eat a lot of ice cream.
    Business today is hard. If it’s a franchise it might have a chance.
    It would be nice to have a place so close that served good ice cream.

  7. Looks like a good one, I haven't gone out for ice cream in a few months

  8. They are opening up a place similar to this about 5 minutes from my house, and everyone is looking forward to. (lol) I like the idea of trying something different and glad you enjoyed your flavors. Hugs...RO

  9. The ice cream looks delicious! Perfect for these hot Summer days!