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Old Things

I have been a bad blogger lately. I was putting out at least three post a week, now I’m lucky to get out one a week. I’m still here and still read other post each morning during my breakfast. I just can’t seem to come up with a post for some reason. I guess my life is just that boring right now. With all the time I have on my hands, you’d think I would be crafting, cooking and exploring more, but I’m not. Well, except crocheting. Been doing a lot of that.

I get up each morning, pour myself a cup of coffee and sit down to breakfast. While I have my breakfast and for about the next hour and five cups of coffee afterwards, I read from my Bible app, read blogs, and apply for jobs on Indeed. I also look at my facebook and instagram but that’s pretty much all day long.

Mid morning I will turn on the tv and do some hula hooping and other small exercises in the living room. I think I have seen every episode at least 10 times of Rosanne, Mom and Two and Half men. I think that’s more than all the Gilligan's Island and Andy Griffin shows I’ve watched. 

I look forward to going to the grocery store now as it’s an excuse to get out and buy something. Some days we will just ride around and visit Antique malls and thrift stores. Life is pretty boring to me right now. I do not like being without a job and no money coming in. I hope something gives soon. However, I love the time I get to spend with my sweet husband. 

Speaking of Antique malls, We visited one this past weekend and I snapped a couple photos of some old things that will tell you my age.

Metal Skates.

I had a pair just like these, you just tied them on your shoes. One size adjusted to fit all.  Honestly, I’m not sure if they were my moms and she let me play with them or if they were mine. But I also remember later having a pair of booted skates with metal wheels and could never understand why I couldn’t wear them in the skate rink. “They are sidewalk skates”, they said. 

School Desk.

I sat in many of these during middle school. By high school, we had larger wooden desk with arm rest made for all the right handed students. 
I’m a lefty but learned to manage. They were all so uncomfortable and as far as I know, they still use the wooden ones. 

Tennis Racket

Oh this brings back memories. Mom and Dad had a set of these old tennis rackets with the wooden frames. We played with them a lot.
In high school, I wanted to play tennis. We practiced with nice larger and short handled aluminum rackets, like you see today.
Well, I made the tennis team but in order to play, I had to have my own racket. I remember daddy taking me to the mall and after seeing the prices on new rackets, he decided I didn’t need a new racket like everyone else. I was often reminded that I “was not like everyone else”. 
He said I will just have to use the old rackets we already had. Needless to say, I never played tennis. They never believed I would stick to anything or succeed in much. They were pretty much right. I know they didn’t mean it in a negative way. I was just that kind of kid.  

It’s always fun to see old antiques and relive old memories. 
I bet the other girls rackets on the tennis team are not worth 48.00 now days. 

Vintage Find- What is it?

I am in possession of the this cool looking antique gadget. I know it had to be used in baking but I just can’t find the connection.
The tag that was hand written on a sticker said “biscuit cutter”  but I'm just not buying the idea that this thing is a biscuit cutter. I have never seen biscuits shaped like this. Maybe in France or something but not here in the South.

So, What is it?

I searched the Internet for such a tool and found something newer but similar, called a “Hex Roller Cutter”... Ok but I want to know what exactly does it cuts???? 
I could not find anything else about it.

It consist of twelve hexagon shaped cutters and rolls like a rolling pin. 

My father in-laws parents were from Italy, so maybe it's a Ravioli cutter?

I’m thinking its some sort of pastry cutter.

Maybe its some kind of cookie cutter?

Could it be something that was used to make brick or cut shapes into concrete?

What’s your idea?

UPDATE: since posting this, I did some more research and it seems to be a “Moline Stainless Steel commercial Hexagon roller bisquit cutter” 

Vintage Find- What is it?

The other day while at my late father in laws estate, I seen this large pin laying around. I picked it up and smiled. The first thing that came to mind was how in the 60's,70's or 80's the girls would wear plaid wool wrap skirts. The fad was to wear a large safety pin on the skirts, not only to make a fashion statement, but to also hold the wrap together so we didn't show our draaawls.
This pin reminded me of those days.

Not doing the math, but I actually wore one. However, I come to find out, this is not the same kind of pin. "Yea, I thought it looked pretty old".

So, What is it?

I posted the photo on Facebook to get peoples response to if they remember what this pin was used for and here are a few of the responses I got.

My daddy guessed: 
It was an "Apron Pin"

One facebook friend said: 
It was a "Locker Pin". 
"They used wire baskets at the public pools to put your personal belongings in. 
The pin had a number that identified your locker basket".

Another Facebook friend suggested: 
It was a "Coal Miner's Pay Pin". 
"Miners would shovel coal into a coal car. When it was full, he would attach his pin to the car. 
When the ponies pulled out the cars, the miner, who's pin was attached, was paid by the car. 
Each miner had his own number".

I found all these answer very interesting but the locker pin sounds more like it to me as it was suggested more than once. But they all could be wrong or they all could be right...

Do you have any other ideas what this pin was used for?