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Bracelet Stand Updo

I'm a little behind on my blog post lately. I try to keep them flowing but sometimes I fall behind. When this happens, It's usually because of an unexpected happening or simply writers bloggers block. I know there are not rules but I still like to stay active for your reading pleasure. ha ha.

If you follow me, you know I am also a brand rep for PuraVida bracelets. With that comes a lot bracelets that are gifted for promotions or purchased myself. I needed a place to put them all. I was keeping them in a small drawer but they were not fun to get too. I was also finding them scattered throughout the house where I would take them off and lay them down.

I told my husband to be on the lookout for a bracelet stand. I have other bracelets too and it would be nice to have a place to keep them organized. We searched a few stores around here and the only one I could find was at a TJmaxx store and it was over priced and looked no more than a covered toilet paper roll on a stick.

Last week he found a bracelet stand at a local thrift store and picked it up for only five dollars. It was not the prettiest thing as it had a cardboard base with a missing drawer. He also grabbed a small cutting block for a dollar.

He replaced the base using the small cutting block and it looks much better to me. I was going to change the crystal knobs with more of a rustic look to match the base but I think I will just leave it as it is for now.

A few screws and six dollars later, I now can display my bracelets and easily choose what to wear with my outfit for the day.

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Rocket Book

At the beginning of the year I decided to start a bullet style journal. I am not sure what I'm doing yet but so far it seems to help me keep up with the things I need to do, goals for the month and blogging ideas.

I purchased a reusable smart notebook called a RocketBook Everlast and I love it.

This particular style has 36 pages (18 sheets) that can be used over and over as much as you want. What's so cool about this note book is that when you no longer need a page of notes you can simply moisten the fiber cloth (included) and erase the page and start over. Sort of like a dry erase board in a book. Pretty cool huh?

One of the other styles (called the Wave), you put in the microwave to erase the sheets. I can not see myself doing that and the pages only work through a few uses.

With RocketBook you can down load the RocketBook app and simply scan a page of notes then save it to an online file of your choice. That way you can keep your important stuff safe and at your fingertips.

So far this book has helped me stay accountable. I love to sit down at night and look at what I have accomplished and what I need to work on.

I tried to use a planner but I never stuck to it. I would start each month faithfully, but once I messed up, it looked messy and I would lose interest.

With the RocketBook, if I mess up or need to change something, I can simply just erase it. I will be using the RocketBook for ideas, blog, social media, etc. I plan to continue using my Google calendar on my iPad and iPhone to keep events and appointments.

You never know how busy you are until you start writing it all down.

I suggest the "Everlast"
includes: one FriXion pen and micro fiber cloth.

Find RocketBook 

Blog Planner

I have been going around and around in my mind about using a blog planner or any planner of that matter. I actually bought a little simple planner to play around with until the end of the year. But dog gone it, my life is just not that busy.

I have no idea what to keep up with. I am not so busy that I can't just sit down after work and come up with something to blog about.


I want to make my blog better ( I say this every year). or better organized. I want to spend more time on it and try and bring in more traffic. I want my blog to grow.

I would consider my blog a "lifestyle" blog I think. I blog about things I do, see, or experience. I try my best to leave politics or news out of it. Because I'm not that educated on either one. I often do reviews and sometimes those have deadlines so It would be nice to keep up with them in a planner. Maybe plan out blog post for the future? Right now my post are usually spur of the moment. I have a tag called "random". seriously.

When I go online to read about blog planning. I only find sites that lead me to professional bloggers that do a lot of marketing, and selling. People that are focused on one topic. They speak too big in vocabulary for me to even understand what they are talking about. I mean, heck, I just learned recently what "monetizing" is. 

I do get ideas of a post sometimes and I will either snap a reminder photo or jot it down in my "notes" app on my phone. Maybe that's enough for me or maybe its not. I like being organized and love to be creative. But I want my planner to be more than a pretty book.

So I'm asking my readers for advice.

Do you use a blog planner? What about a daily planner? Do you carry a little journal around with you all day or do you use a special app on your device? I am curious. I would love to have new ideas ready for the new year that will soon be here.

For my blog friends that “Monetize” I’d also love to know what you use for that. 
I use Adsense but for some reason, The ads have stopped showeing up on my page as of November 1st. I’ve checked all my settings and everything is active with no violations. Been to help and support but with no advice. I’m ready to find other options. 

7 Pringle Can Ideas

I know everyone gets the "fever for the flavor of a Pringle" at some point. Its the perfectly shaped baked potato chip in a cylinder can. We eat a lot of them in my home because they are less greasy and less expensive than regular potato chips.
I was looking around on Pinterest and happen to see the cutest little fourth of July craft idea using an empty Pringle can ( I cant wait to try). This made me look further at other crafts with this cylinder snap lid cutie. I may have to try a couple of them and since my daughter works with children, she could use some of these ideas as well.
I have each picture with a link to to the website it belongs. Check them out and find how to do each one.
Enjoy, for I am just being lazy.

Dynamite!-  lilluna

Great way to store spaghetti-  itsalmostgenius

Great way to give away or store cookies - jengrantmorris

Wow check out the cute bracelets! - erinshakespear

Ok little artists, store your tools! - cleanandscentsible

Bet this would work for yarn or ribbon too! -
oops, couldn't link. too bad, great idea whoever did this.

Great teacher/student gift idea- gluesticksandtape

Do you have any other ideas for Pringle cans? Just curious! There are so many creative people out there.


Yes, I said it. I'm in the process of decluttering my home. I started out the other night with my closets. I still have two more to go and then I'll move on to drawers and then cabinets. With that said, I hope to be finished by Christmas.
I thought I'd share a little Idea I did with my garden flag collection.
While cleaning, I found of my garden flags wadded up in a bag and I found some in other places too, but surprisingly not in the refrigerator where I find a lot of other things I misplace. Yea, really. My husband has to stay behind me.
Anyway, by doing this, I created more space in my junk closet and it doesn't look half bad either.
Here is what I did.

First I dug up enough hangers to accommodate my flags.
I used plastic hangers, but I assume you can use any kind in a different way.

Then I used a knife to saw and weaken an area that I could easily break with my hands. I'm sure there are better and neater ways to do this but I was to busy and impatient at the time.

I gently slid the flags onto the hangers and the places that I broke seemed to fall back into there spot.
Just be careful because were the hanger is broken, it will tend to be jagged and sharp so I would advise anyone wanting to try this to sand it a little with an Emory board to prevent any injuries to your hands or the flags. I just left mine as is.

After I did this little project. I realized all I had to do was hang them on those clippy pant/skirt hangers that I have SO MANY OF!

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