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DIY New Year Wreath

My door is bare now that I have taken down all my Christmas decorations, so I wanted to make something to hang on my door to replace the Christmas wreath and its not time to hang up Valentines Day decor yet, so I decided to make me a new years wreath using Christmas tinsel and party favors. I usually buy party favors and set them out on new years day for the kids that come over for dinner but that sure can turn in to an annoying sound of clacker and horns, so I'm using them for decoration this time instead.

I started with a foam wreath from the craft store and wrapped and glued until it look right. Then I took two plastic champagne glasses to give it that toasty look.

I got it all from the dollar store but if I would have taken the time to look through my closets, I probably could have found last years left overs. So you could probably make one of these for nearly nothing.

I found the idea from searching new year wreaths on Pinterest. There are so many unique and talented people out there. It just amazes me.

Ive shared this on make-it-yourself-monday at anoriginalbelle

Weekend Pinterest Fails

I'm a big fan of Pinterest. There are unending possibilities and so many creative artists, crafters and cooks out there!  I love getting ideas and trying them, and if at all possible, I will try to make it just a little different so the maker can still be original.

I came across a recipe and a craft I could not wait to try and then share in my blogging world.

First- The recipe was for "crab ragoons". This is one of me and my daughters favorite things at the Chinese restaurant. So I got the stuff for this easy recipe and did it exactly the way it said to do it. I didn't even add my own trick because this one looked so perfect already.

The cream cheese and crab mixture was perfect and wrapping them into little won tons was easy but cooking them up was just a mess. They didn't want to brown pretty and crispy except around the edges and those ended up being really tough. It could be the brand of won ton wrappers I used or the way I fried them. Maybe and deep fryer would have worked perfect. I still want to eventually ace this one because except for the texture, the taste was there! We ended up eating them anyways.

How mine turned out.

Second-I found this craft idea and shared it with my daughter who is always looking for ideas to do with her sorority sisters. "Write on a white plate with a sharpie marker and bake in oven at 150 degree for 30 minutes and the marker will never come off".

As soon as the plates cooled, I washed them and the writing came right off! disappointment here. She was really excited about this one.

Her plate looked really cute.

Have any of you had any experiences like this? I do not doubt the original creator of this recipe or craft, Its just that I could not pull it off. 

7 Pringle Can Ideas

I know everyone gets the "fever for the flavor of a Pringle" at some point. Its the perfectly shaped baked potato chip in a cylinder can. We eat a lot of them in my home because they are less greasy and less expensive than regular potato chips.
I was looking around on Pinterest and happen to see the cutest little fourth of July craft idea using an empty Pringle can ( I cant wait to try). This made me look further at other crafts with this cylinder snap lid cutie. I may have to try a couple of them and since my daughter works with children, she could use some of these ideas as well.
I have each picture with a link to to the website it belongs. Check them out and find how to do each one.
Enjoy, for I am just being lazy.

Dynamite!-  lilluna

Great way to store spaghetti-  itsalmostgenius

Great way to give away or store cookies - jengrantmorris

Wow check out the cute bracelets! - erinshakespear

Ok little artists, store your tools! - cleanandscentsible

Bet this would work for yarn or ribbon too! -
oops, couldn't link. too bad, great idea whoever did this.

Great teacher/student gift idea- gluesticksandtape

Do you have any other ideas for Pringle cans? Just curious! There are so many creative people out there.

Top 3 Pins

I'm a big fan of Pinterest. I love looking through it every day and I do a lot of pinning. Seeing all the neat ideas that inspire me to make things, cook things, fashion ideas and more.

As I was studying my boards of the things Ive pinned, There were three that busted out with repins and likes.
So I thought I'd share the top three with the most pins since they seem to be so popular on my boards as of today.

One of them was my own. I had found a really affordable nail polish, painted my nails and showed them off to Pinterest world. The color is "Paying with Platinum" by Spoiled (1.99 at CVS).

My nails and polish
101 repins

Next was a cute cupcake idea I pinned from Cookies and Cups. I cant wait to make these cupcake pops some day. I think they would be great for a child's birthday party or pack for a picnic.

Cupcake Push up Pops
96 repins

Coming in third, are these delicious homemade doughnuts from littlebitfunky . I was inspired to actually make some of these and they turned out ok. But just look how great these look!

Can biscuit doughnuts
43 repins


One thing Ive learned from Pinterest is there is a whole lot of crafty, imaginative people out there with ideas I would have never even guessed would work and recipes I didn't think you could mix together and still tastes good.