7 Pringle Can Ideas

I know everyone gets the "fever for the flavor of a Pringle" at some point. Its the perfectly shaped baked potato chip in a cylinder can. We eat a lot of them in my home because they are less greasy and less expensive than regular potato chips.
I was looking around on Pinterest and happen to see the cutest little fourth of July craft idea using an empty Pringle can ( I cant wait to try). This made me look further at other crafts with this cylinder snap lid cutie. I may have to try a couple of them and since my daughter works with children, she could use some of these ideas as well.
I have each picture with a link to to the website it belongs. Check them out and find how to do each one.
Enjoy, for I am just being lazy.

Dynamite!-  lilluna

Great way to store spaghetti-  itsalmostgenius

Great way to give away or store cookies - jengrantmorris

Wow check out the cute bracelets! - erinshakespear

Ok little artists, store your tools! - cleanandscentsible

Bet this would work for yarn or ribbon too! -
oops, couldn't link. too bad, great idea whoever did this.

Great teacher/student gift idea- gluesticksandtape

Do you have any other ideas for Pringle cans? Just curious! There are so many creative people out there.

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