Dad and I

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there! I just want to say I think I have the best dad ever. He is a great christian man and is very special to me. My dad always set a godly example for me and my siblings and I am thankful for that. Ive learned alot from him and we are same in many ways. Here are just a few ways I am like him.
  •  We are funny and share the same humor.
  •  We like quick cars
  •   I have his nose
  •  We both suffer hay fever and allergies
  •  I have his knees
  •  We like blue grass music
  •  We are emotional
  •  Impatient
  •  If I'm not mistaking, I think we have the same birthmark
  •  and neither one of us will turn down a piece of chocolate cake.
I will be heading to church today and honor not only my father here on earth but also my heavenly father.
After church I will be spending time with my husband and daughter as we celebrate his well deserved fathers Day and later we will be celebrating all the dads in the family with a cookout at my house.
I smell the grill already!
Happy Fathers Day .

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