New Art Experience

One day me and my husband visited a new art gallery in our town called arts on main.  It's full of art displays, a gift shop and artists studios. I have always had an interest in art and when this opened up, I knew I had to visit.

I put my name on a mailing list so I could keep up with events and news the gallery had to offer. And guess what, I started getting emails inviting me to attend a MadHatters Paint Party. Its held every Wednesday for anyone to come paint and they supply everything needed to accomplish the "painting of the week".

The first one I attended was on a night that evidently was a busy night for returning partiers because I was the only one there. It was pretty funny but it ended up being a wonderful experience (even though I chose not to paint and wait until the next week.). What I did get to do was probably more exciting to me than actually getting to paint.
There are two fabulous ladies that host the party. They both have an art studio at the gallery one is Rachel Cotton studio and one is Anastasia happy trees studio. Instead of painting, I got to take a more in depth tour of the gallery than the time I went with my husband during the opening. They showed me around at everything it had to offer. It was amazing! I had no idea there was so much talent in my town. I also didn't know there was a really nice gift shop that anyone can purchase everything from jewelry to greeting cards made by the person that will probably be standing right next to you. It was really a treat.

So, the next week I went to the Madhatter paint party and we all drew a Lotus flower.
Every ones painting looked so good. We had a really good time laughing, talking, sipping wine and nibbling cookies all while painting in the presence of two wonderful artist to help make it all happen. I cant wait to try it again soon.
Thanks Anastasia and Rachel!


  1. That sounds like it was so much fun! I've been looking for something like that in our community. Love the lotus painting. Post future paintings and have fun!

  2. I have wanted to go to one of those painting parties! It sounds like a lot of fun! :) Good work on your lotus flower! I used to throw a lot of pottery when I was in my master's program, but haven't worked on pottery in about 5 years. :( I would love to get back into it, but I have no room for a pottery studio here at home.

  3. Liz you should come! I can't make the next two becsause I simply just don't have the money but I plan on going again in July.