Yes, I said it. I'm in the process of decluttering my home. I started out the other night with my closets. I still have two more to go and then I'll move on to drawers and then cabinets. With that said, I hope to be finished by Christmas.
I thought I'd share a little Idea I did with my garden flag collection.
While cleaning, I found of my garden flags wadded up in a bag and I found some in other places too, but surprisingly not in the refrigerator where I find a lot of other things I misplace. Yea, really. My husband has to stay behind me.
Anyway, by doing this, I created more space in my junk closet and it doesn't look half bad either.
Here is what I did.

First I dug up enough hangers to accommodate my flags.
I used plastic hangers, but I assume you can use any kind in a different way.

Then I used a knife to saw and weaken an area that I could easily break with my hands. I'm sure there are better and neater ways to do this but I was to busy and impatient at the time.

I gently slid the flags onto the hangers and the places that I broke seemed to fall back into there spot.
Just be careful because were the hanger is broken, it will tend to be jagged and sharp so I would advise anyone wanting to try this to sand it a little with an Emory board to prevent any injuries to your hands or the flags. I just left mine as is.

After I did this little project. I realized all I had to do was hang them on those clippy pant/skirt hangers that I have SO MANY OF!

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  1. Oh my gosh! It's like we are living the same life! I am working my way through closets and cabinets. My basement looks like an episode of "Hoarders". Not pretty. : )

  2. Cute idea! :0)

    Cleaning up and out is indeed my favorite thing to do! Feels so good!

  3. starting the yearly purging of unused items. love the hanger idea for flags! great idea!