What bugs me

I'm sure I am not alone when it comes to crazy little things that are not a big deal but will just bug the heck out of you. Well, here's mine, to name few.

  • When I'm nice enough to let someone out in traffic and they let 5 other people out in front of them.
  • When people baby talk to there dogs.
  • When I let someone by me in the store and they stop right in front of me to look at the same thing.
  • People that let their kids run around while they eat.
  • Undisciplined children
  • People that play with or hold their pets at the table.
  • Picking at the food on the table. If you touch a food item. Take it! nobody wants it after that.
  • When I answer a question that someone asks me and then they come back with their own answer.
  • Waitresses carrying a tray to the table on their shoulder and their hair swings in it when they walk.
  • When people throw trash out the window.
  • Loud annoying laughter over and over.
  • People who cuss out loud in public.
  • An off-centered or crooked picture or art on the wall or on a car window. (OCD)
  • People who smack or slurp their food.
  • When someone asks or looks at what I'm eating with a snarl on their face, like ew.
  • People that lie about things they really do not have to lie about.
  • Socks with flip flops
  • People that cheat the government ( I will not go into this)
  • When the drive thru person throws ketchup into my bag on top of my open fries.
  • Velcro sandals on the beach.
OK. I feel good now that I shared this. Now I'd like to know what some of your pet peeves are. Go ahead, let it out.


  1. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I am in a long line at the grocery store. Gradually, I make my way further and further towards the front. Now I am like the 3rd person in line with 3-4 people behind me. Suddenly, a new register opens up! Yay! Except the cashier ALWAYS says to the LAST person in line, "I can take you right here, ma'am." It frustrates me soooo much! They should ask the people who have been in line the longest to check out first! Gah! That makes me so mad.