Twig Necklace

I have seen several of these cute little branch/twig necklaces. I tried to make my own. Since its near Easter, I used a branch from a dogwood tree. The dogwood is said to be the tree used to build the cross that Jesus was crucified on.

First I will show you the twig necklace that inspired me to make one.

$60.00 from cursive .

 And below are the ones I made and it cost me nothing.

This was my first attempt at this. I think they turned out to pretty good, kinda, and I think the green one will go with my Easter dress the best.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love your necklaces! Completely cute! Way to go!!

  2. you're so crafty! super cute necklaces!

  3. How fun and rustic! Is the chain connected by the little metal loops tied through with the thread?

    1. I played around with the loops forever. Thats what I had the most trouble with. But on the yellow one, I wrapped wire around the branch and looped the wire with pliers, then wrapped the yarn. The greenish one, I wrapped the yarn first then since it was skinny, I was able to hook two loops and clip and squeeze one around the branch leaving the other one for the chain.