Greetings from Myrtle Beach

Hope everyone had a fun and fabulous St. Patricks Day. I sure did. Me and my husband decided to spend ours at the beach. We go several times during the year since we have a camper. We wish our daughter could have came with us but she was away in school.

We started the weekend off at Hamburger Joe's. This is one of our favorite places to eat at the beach. The prices are reasonable and the food is great!

We always have the gold wings with blue cheese dressing as an appetizer. They are hot with just the right amount of sweetness.

During one of our long walks down the coast, I found a piece of sea glass.

Sea glass is basically just glass that has tossed and tumble around in the sand and sea enough to make it smooth and frosted looking. Its like finding a little gem in the sand. Green and yellow are the most common and Blue and reds are the rarest. Some parts of the world it is a hobby to collect sea glass for jewelry. You can read more about sea glass HERE .

The weather was wonderful. It was in the Low 80s. We relaxed on the sand but the water was cold and the jellyfish were everywhere. However, I still had to get in knee deep. We also saw some of our friends from our home town. They camp where we do and its always fun to run into them when we come.

Here is an idea I thought I'd share of how to hold your beach towel on your chair.
We bought some of these spring clips from a local hardware store. They come several in a pack. They work great and a lot cheaper than the fancy clips from the surf shops.

Now we are heading back on our four hour trip home. Cant' wait til next time.


  1. <3 me some Hamburger Joes!

    Wonder who those hometown friends were. ;0)

    Glad yall had fun!

  2. WOW! What fun. A trip to the beach. I love sea glass. It is so pretty. I'd make a special piece of jewelry with what you found. And wings are just YUMMY, especially with blue cheese. Sounds like a GREAT weekend.