Soft Butter Mints

I remember when I was young, my mom would make homemade butter mints for special occasions. I would want to eat them as fast as she would make them. That's been a long time. The other day I got to thinking about them and wanted to make some so I called her up for the recipe.
You can find the Recipe Here.
The are made with a little butter and a whole lot of powdered sugar. I may have over did it because they would stick and so I had to sprinkle powder sugar on the surface.

They were easy to make but I had a lot of trouble getting them to roll out so I could cut them. Very time consuming so this will probably the the last time I make these. Ill just leave it up to mom for now on. Hers just seemed better any way.
I don't think anyone can do better than the Hickory Farms mint melt-a-ways, but hers comes close.

Now, where did I put my diet?

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