Bird Feeder Idea

One thing I like to do is watch birds. I find them to be so cute and funny. We have a big dogwood tree in the back yard that has been taken over by Ivy but will still bloom in the spring and continues to keep getting bigger. The tree is beautiful and full of all types of feathered friends all summer and winter long.
I have a hanging feeder near my kitchen window and I enjoy seeing them eat from it in the mornings while I eat my breakfast. However, Ive noticed that a lot of the intimidated birds enjoy eating the seeds from the ground that fall from the feeder as the larger birds take over. So I decided to come up with a  little idea from an old sea shell I found.

I placed it on an old wooded stool under the tree and so far its worked great.
Now I hope the squirrels don't find it!

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  1. That is a great idea. I love anything to do with shells!! I never would have come up with this in a million years.