Standing Broom

If you noticed, the big craze on facebook this past weekend was "standing brooms". Everyone claims it has something to do with the alignment of the planets and the pull of the moon and on this one particular day you can make a broom stand.

I hate to break it to ya but its all a hoax. I mean really, think about it, gravity pulls "toward" the earth. If the moon had enough force to make a broom stand alone, it would also be able to make it float.

Even at the time of "Equinox" that occurs twice a year when Earth tilts neither toward the sun nor away from the sun, its just a craze. So, you will see this phenomenal trick spread again on March 20th on the actual Equinox. But again, gravity has nothing to do with it.
Its simply a balancing act.
See! My daughter got our broom to stand on March 5th. Just a regular day.
This can be done ANY day of the year. Just try it. It may take a few tries but it will work.
Now if I can just get the broom to sweep all by itself...

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