GoodWill Fashion

As I have said before, I am a big thrifty shopper. I do not hesitate going to the local thrift shops or heading straight back to the clearance racks at my favorite stores. I never wear anything for long. I am never in need for anything expensive and my job does not require any dress code. It’s only me in a small office where I am not exposed to other people or sunshine.

I know a lot of people that will snarl their nose up when I mention used clothes. I understand and I am picky about what I touch and what I bring home. However, if you take the time to look, you can find some nice items that still have the tags attached. Some items you can just tell they were taken care of or rarely used. That's what I look for. Think about it... You buy new clothes from a department store and there is no telling how many people have tried it on. I also make it a rule to not buy anything that I can't wash regularly in the washing machine.

Today I would like to show you my latest find from the GoodWill Thrift shop. I found this Mudd cross front bodycon dress for 4.99.

I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it on the rack. I love the colors. Though its not quiet Fall yet, this will be perfect once the weather starts cooling down. 

I usually stay away from these tight fitting dresses because they show every muffin top and ripple I own. However, this dress was not tight, though it looks like it is. There was plenty of wiggle room and the poly blend fabric is super soft and light weight.

I like for my clothes to have special details and this one has it. The crisscross front says sexy while staying modest. This dress will be perfect for church or nice dinner out. I’m calling this one a win.

One is sold at Kohls by Mudd.
One was found at GoodWill.
One is a professional model 
One is definitely not 


  1. i love shopping at thrift stores. looks like you got a great bargain.

  2. Absolutely Adorable and fits you to a tee. I wish you could come to my annual garage sale. I prep it like a boutique and get rid of tons of once wore stuff. When my boys were little I would find the best garage sales and go over and over each year as the kids grew. Still love Goodwill and LOVE this dress!

  3. You look beautiful Lisa! Love that dress!

  4. That is called (in my book) a smart shopper. (And a good looking one also) Sherry & I agree on that. Yep, my books are sold at Jerri Lynns Consignment Boutique in EASTEND (Belmont).. I just bought a 'new' Van Huston(?) shirt and Sherry two pair slacks for the price on one book last week.

  5. This dress is perfection on you! I agree, you CAN find some good, new or almost new, clothes at Goodwill. It takes some time to look through. My Goodwill isn't the best for women's clothes, but it is fantastic for men's clothing. I have found gorgeous dress shirts and slacks either brand new with tags or with dry cleaning tags on them many times.

  6. Wow I can't believe how much that dress cost! I wish we had a good store like that where I live. I love how great you look in this dress. :) Have fun wearing it.

  7. You look absolutely adorable!!

  8. So so adorable...
    I have been shopping clothes at thrift shops for years...i've found some of the best buys and most of them I like well enuf to wear a long time. When I worked, I was in an office wit probably 10 to 12 ladies...I would find something cute at the Goodwill, wear it in a day or two, and several would run buy new versions of what I had...I loved it...

    1. Hahaaa, I can imagine your coworkers getting the same item or similar for almost 10 times the price you got yours.

  9. Cute find! I love that dress on you! I love thrift shopping when I have the time! You can find so many amazing deals!

  10. Such a great steal. That dress is so lovely and you look beautiful.
    I love the joy of finding amazing thrift deals.

  11. That is the PERFECT dress for you---what a great find. You look as professional as the model! Hope you have a blessed SAFE weekend, Lisa. xo Diana

  12. Jilda has shopped at thrift stores for years. There are remarkable bargains hanging on almost every rack.

  13. That fun geo-print dress looks fabulous on you. Great Goodwill find!

    Make sure you stop by Thursdays and join my Style Linkup "Thursday Moda". I love your blog+style. Thank you. Ada. =)