The Poncho

As I keep taking a shot of this whole fashion post thing, I have learned that my yard is not as private as I wish. The other day I peeped around to make sure no neighbors were at home so I could take some photos using my tripod and wireless photo snapper. No one was at home so I ran outside to set up my camera. I turned around after a minute and the teenage neighbor across the street was at the end of his driveway snapping photos of me with his camera (not phone camera, but big camera). I just waved at him since he does not understand English and I ran inside. So that's why most of my photos are taken inside the house with no natural back grounds or lighting. I hate it but, I'm a little bashful doing my own fashion show for the neighborhood.

Now to The Poncho:

When I was younger, my mom made me the most colorful little poncho. It was made for me to wear over my bathing suit.

It was brightly stripped with colors of summer and was always too big. It hung off my shoulders and down to my ankles. I always thought it looked like this.......


Ha ha ha- Just kidding...Not really

It was basically a circle of pom pom trimmed terry cloth with a large hole for my head and two small holes for my arms. This was back in the 70’s and I do not remember ever wearing it then, but here it is today.

This poncho has hung in my closet for years. I would look at it and thought I needed a sombrero to wear with it.
I never wanted to get rid of this piece of clothing. There was always something about it that made me want to keep it. 

Maybe it’s the bright colors with the cute pom pom trim.

Maybe it was because it was like a blanket.
Or maybe it was just because my mom made it for me and that's something special.

My daughter would play with this poncho when she was small. She liked to put it on and twirl around while she danced. 

Now when she gets into my closet and sees ‘The Poncho’, she laughs and says “Mom, you still got that thing?"

"Yes, I think I’ll keep it for my grandchildren".



  1. Keep it, it's adorable!!

  2. Oh! I love it and you are as cute as a button wearing it. Where the heck did that saying come from anyway? How cute is a button? Well---you are cuter than a button. I do think you should hang onto it for the grandkids. lol xo Diana

  3. Very sweet and very special! Yep, keep it and the grandchildren will love the love behind it and the poms!

  4. Okay, I really believed the umbrella and sunglasses, I'm easy! LOL Loved the fashion show. The model is supposed to enjoy folks watching, right???

    From Florida with love

  5. I would never get rid of it! I love it.

  6. You look so cute in your poncho Lisa!

  7. I think it looks cute with your jeans. You should have a backyard Fiesta Dinner Party . . . it would be perfect :) That and who doesn't love Mexican food. I'll be watching the mail for an invitation. What can I bring? I make great enchiladas. LOL.

  8. You did make me laugh with that cute first pic, with the eye holes. I love that it's a special piece your mom made, and it looks cute with jeans. I probably would have done the same if I saw my neighbor taking pics !
    Enjoy your week
    Jess xx