Hurricane Florence- Saturday

Today is Saturday and they expect the Hurricane Florence to hit my area this morning. Despite what you see on tv, the weathermen are playing it up in some areas. They have been seen faking heavy winds and bad conditions. It’s giving them more views but giving people loss of security. However, there are some that are really getting pounded by this storm right now and my prayers are with them. Where I live, the winds are picking up and the rain just started coming down at 8:30am. Here is the most recent forcast image of my area (Charlotte). 

For my family and followers, I plan to keep you updated on the hurricane each day until it passes. That means I plan to have an updated post each day for the next two or three days. (as if your not seeing enough on TV already).

We were actually going to take a beach trip this weekend but shes coming to us instead. Our next trip down will be to check on damages to our camper.

I live in the Charlotte area, 200 miles from the coast. We are expected to have lots of rain, downed trees and power outages. However, people here are really freaking out and the grocery stores are out of everything. We are not stocked up but have enough to get us by if we are stranded in the house for a couple days and we can walk to the nearest grocery store. I doubt it will get to that point though. 

This storm is coming in sooo slow. We have been preparing for the worst all week. It’s tiring.

This is the Apache Pier on a calm day. It's well known, so a lot of news is being reported from there. Two years ago, hurricane Matthew took that owning off like a hat and also tore the end of the pier off. It has since been rebuilt. We can see the pier from where we camp a mile away.

My brother in law lives and works at the Apache Camp Ground. He and his wife and daughter have evacuated and hope they have a home to come to when they return next week.

Here is a photo from Wednesday.
This is a pier at Atlantic Beach, North Carolina.

The swells were getting big and the wind was picking up and shaking the piers.
The end of the pier did not make it through the night.

And here is what it looks like from my front door this morning.  

More tomorrow. 

We are hunkered down!


  1. Lisa, Please, please, be safe !! Don't take chances with your life. I am praying for all of you, blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Your area looks good, so far!!

  3. Thankfully it looks good there by you. Praying it stays that way.

  4. Hi Lisa, please stay safe! It's been pretty windy and rainy in SC most of the day. I'm currently at my mom's job with her since my area is prone to power outages and flooding. I heard we should be able to leave tomorrow provided the roads are clear and safe. Thank you for letting us know that you're ok, and I plan on doing another update tomorrow as well.

  5. Hope things are still good there. We live 300 miles from the coast but it’s often bad here when the aftermath of the hurricanes come through.

  6. Thanks lady, this is especially helpful since we are now over nighting in Biloxi Mississippi. We willhead that way in the morning. Sherry wants to stop some where in Georgia and come in on Monday. If we are within 300 miles of Belmont Mark wants to take the car and head on in. We are okay with that, we won't need a car the rest of the way.
    The best to you guys and hope old Florence is tired by the time she gets 100 miles inland.
    Love from the Miss.
    Sherry & jack