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Woolly Bear

This is the time of year you can find Woolly Bears, AKA Woolly Worms. They have also be called a Hedgehog Caterpillar because of how they will curl into a ball and play dead when disturbed. Despite the name, they are not worms at all. Woolly worms are actually caterpillars that turn into an “Isabella Tiger Moth”.

While we were taking a walk the other day I looked down and saw this little fella.

According folklore, the woolly worm can predict the severity of the Winter coming. But wait, there are actually two versions to this story. 
The first one says that the woolly indicates how severe the Winter will be by looking at the color bands on its coat. The longer the black bands are the more cold and snowy the Winter will be.  On the other hand the wider the brown band in the center means a mild Winter. 

The other version of the Folklore is to depend on the direction it is crawling. If it is crawling Southerly, It is escaping a cold wintery conditions from the North. So if the caterpillar is crawling a Northern path, it is expected to have a mild winter. 
If you see one that is all black, do not think we will have a Winter apocalypse. This type of worm is not even related to the woolly worm.

The popularity of the woolly bear caterpillar has resulted in several festivals honoring them. Not far from me, in Banner Elk North Carolina, they have a woolly worm festival every year 3rd weekend in October. They have worm races all day until they crown a champion at the end of the day and declare the official winter forecast. 

According to the little woolly booger I found, It looks like we will have a mild Winter because of the smaller black bands. 
He was crawling West, but I think he was just lost.  

Crazy Weather

The weather here in North Carolina has been all over the place. I think we experienced every season in one week.

Last Friday we had our first snow. It was more of just a flurry but it was enough to have everyone hyped up and noses pressed to the windows. 

Then Monday came. The temperatures shot back up into the 70’s. I went to a dental appointment that morning to have my permanent crown applied. Afterwards, me and the husband went out for a nice long walk. It was 74 degrees and sunny. I wore shorts and a tank top. It felt so good to finally get out of hibernation and get some warmth of the sun on my face. 

Tuesday and Wednesday it continued to be warm spring like weather. Then Thursday hit. When I say “hit”, I mean it really hit! I went to work in the pouring rain. Soon, I began to hear weather alerts going off on everyones phones. People were starting to get anxious as we had a tornado watch and then several tornado warnings. This went on just about all day long. 

It wasn’t until I left work for the day that I really saw the damages. There were trees down in some areas and roads were flooded due to low areas and creeks rising. This storm was not only in my area but in all of North and South Carolina. We were getting reports from the beach campground we stay at during the summer. Here are a couple photos I copied from the facebook group page. These are not my own photos. 

You rarely see Palm trees damaged by storms. This campground has survived several hurricanes with no damages but whatever came through on Thursday sure took a toll on it. 

These picnic tables are not light weight. 
They are very heavy and each campsite has a shelter with a table under if for each camper to enjoy during their stay. 
It scattered items all over the place. There were campers even moved from their spots.

Now it is Saturday and the temperatures are back down in the 30’s again and it’s snowing at 39 degrees. 
We will not see any accumulation but the furries are beautiful making it a perfect day to stay in and snuggle on the couch.

Note: In case you all are wondering how my new job is going?
I quit yesterday. Quitting a job is out of my character as I love to work and desperately need a job. But my three days there were extremely overwhelming. I really tried to keep going but things were mentioned and stories were told that threw too many red flags at me. I finally accepted the fact that this job was not for me. They were not totally honest with me about some things I agreed too before accepting the job. I also didn’t feel safe around the work and donor area. Something finally tugged at me during a company meeting on Friday morning that told me to get out of there and quick.  

For now on, I’m going to stick to office work. I now realize thats were I belong. 
So here I am still job searching. Luckily, I am still in the interview process with another place. This one will take several weeks before I know anything. It is more stable with regular full time hours and a better work environment. Keep praying for me. 

Cleaning Away Summer

It was was beautiful day with temperatures in the high 60’s. I have been itching to go outside. I do not like going outside in weather colder than my age. It was a perfect day to get out.

Looking out the windows I noticed the yard was covered in a blanket of leaves from our huge Dogwood tree. The branches were bare so it was a good time to clean up the yard. Though that is the only tree we have in the back yard, there are neighboring trees that frame our property. We get all the leaves.

Nick asked if I would like to go out and help him rake leaves. “Sure!” I said with excitement. This would be perfect to help me overcome this cabin fever. I threw on some old jeans, boots and garden gloves and headed outside. 

“Here are two rakes you can use”.He said. “I will be on the mower sucking up the Pin Oak leaves while you rake the larger leaves in a pile”.

We spent three hours cleaning up the yard. I raked while he mowed. It felt good to do some laboring work. It was a great work out. I also cut back our butterfly bush in the front yard. It was still holding on to it’s leaves, but I knew it would be shedding them soon. This time last year it was already bare. We have had a warmer than normal Fall this year. 

Today I am sore and my hands are slightly blistered. My yard is groomed and there are no more signs of Summer. Now we sit and wait on the cold weather and frost in the weeks to come. 

Where are you Fall?

Happy October!

Do any of you know what Mother Nature did with Fall? The temperatures here in North Carolina are still in the 90's! I sorta want to decorate for the season but can't get in the mood when It feels like I live in the dessert. We have not had rain in over a month, so yea, It's dry too.

I have some new Fall sweaters and booties I would love to wear before Winter arrives. However, I'm still in tank tops and flip flops.

Image result for where is fall?

The trees here have not put on their Autumn show. Most are still green. I even think the birds are  mating again.

I would also like to add a pumpkin or two on my porch and some Mums in the yard but most of the Mums I see at the stores and markets have already reached full bloom and are already wilted.

But hey, my Loofah plants are still thriving, Well, sorta. I will show you my results of those soon.

Meanwhile, I will continue enjoying the warm sunshine and blue skies. Honestly, It would be ok with me if it stayed Summer time forever.

What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Signs of Fall

The weather here in North Carolina is still peaking into the 80's and 90's during the days, but the mornings and evenings are dipping into the 60's and 70's. This is one of the first signs I notice of Fall.

I have also noticed that my mornings are not as bright at 7 am as they have been the past few months. I wake up with the sun, so until we move our clocks back, I will struggle getting out of bed before the sun fully rises.

Our afternoon walks are a little cooler now and before we know it, the afternoons will be too dark to get in our walk after I get home from work.

Yesterday during our power stroll through the neighborhood, Mother Nature was showing off some of her Fall accessories. This little acorn was perfect.

What's funny about this acorn is after snapping a photo of it, I threw it toward a storm drain on the side of the road. The drain was a good ways away so I did my ole Micheal Jordan, one arm throw, but instead of a point shot, It hit and knocked an empty soda can into the drain and the acorn bounced right back toward me. We got a good laugh. Nick said that could never happen again in a million years. I put the acorn in my pocket and kept walking.

On down the road I noticed these mushrooms growing in a neighbors yard. 

I always find mushrooms fun to photograph and interesting to look at. I made this quick as I do not know these neighbors and they are watching me through their window.

As we were almost home, we could smell a sweet floral aroma in the air. At first we thought someone was drying clothes. We can sometimes smell the fresh sent of fabric softener through outside vents as we pass. But there were no houses close, so I leaned over to sniff some white flowers growing in a vacant yard. “That’s it!” I said. “These flowers are what we smell”. I grabbed my phone from my waistband and asked my face book friends for a clue as to what these were called. 

After no legit answers, I turned to Google. I learned that they are called “Autumn Clematis”.
We are also seeing turning leaves fall from trees and before we know it, the sound of leaf blowers will take the place of roaring lawn mowers.

Speaking of Fall, remember the loofahs I planted in the beginning of spring? They are not doing as good as I thought they would, but I do have a few almost ready to harvest. I can't wait to give you an updated post on those toward the end of September or maybe sooner.

On My Mind

Hope everyone is enjoying April so far and the beautiful weather it's brought with it. We saw snow on Tuesday and it was 74 degrees on Wednesday. That's what we have to deal with here this time of year.

I have loofah plants started that are itching to get out in the yard. I can not plant them until the threat of frost is gone. I had read where it takes them a while to sprout so I actually started some in February. They were 2 inches tall in 6 weeks! Afraid they will die sitting in little planter cups, I started a few more seeds the first of March. They are all doing good. I have already thinned them out to only 6 plants. The first ones I started are as high as the window and are trying every way they can to get their little twigs through the cracks. “Sorry guys but those are insulated windows”. 
I plan to get a trellis and plant them sometime in the next two weeks. 

I have a bit of bloggers block so I have been slow at writing any new post lately. I think its because I actually have a lot on my mind right now. I get overwhelmed really easy. I’m trying to learn not too.

We had two friends loose their wives last week. One lost her battle to cancer and one lost her battle with dementia. Both only in their 60’s and both very sweet ladies. I did not know the ladies as much as I knew their husbands as they were more friends of my Husband. Any friend of his is a friend of mine. 

I have written a crochet pattern I am anxious to try. It’s for wash clothes. If they turn out as I expect, they will not be ordinary and quiet funny. I can't wait to see and share the results. 

Then here comes the overwhelming part, It's been on my mind all week on top of other things.
I have a video interview with Nutrisystem this afternoon. It’s to answer a few questions and share my weight loss story. I do not know what it is about me, I can talk to a stranger like I have known them forever. I can act a part if I am told what to say, and I can pose for a photo, but if you put me in front of a camera to speak my own words, I freeze up. I am not a good speaker. I draw a blank. You can put a camera in my face and ask me where I live and I'd forget what to say. Seriously! Then I see others doing so well with speaking from their minds in front of a camera and I get intimidated. I beat myself up over these things. I need to just chill and go with the flow. I think that I "over think" and that's where I mess up.

I have a phobia of public speaking.
I need to just breathe in and breathe out, relax and go for it.
I love sharing my success with everyone and I think the more I do this, the better I will get at it.
Wish me luck..My daddy says I'm just as good as the rest of them. 

Blessed Walk

It has rained so much here in the Carolina's that I'm thinking of starting a rice garden.

When we see a speck of sunshine we throw on our tennis shoes and take off for a quick walk. That's exactly what we did. I had just came in from work, and sat down to dinner. It was ten til six when I finished eating and the sun was still out just a little. In other words, It was not raining at that moment. I asked Nick if he'd like to take a walk. He said, "sure", as he has never turned down a chance to go for a walk.

We enjoy walking through the neighborhood and around the creek. We will nickname the neighbors we do not know and make up names for the squirrels, owls, chipmunks and cats we see wondering around from time to time.

As we walk, we like to talk about our day, the news and what's going on with friends and family. He will even listen to me talk about blog stories I read. We also laugh and joke with each other along the way.

This walk was not as warm as it looked from the window. I barely dressed for the occasion and forgot my toboggan, so we made this walk a quick one. One direction the cold breeze would cut through my ears and throat, while in a different directions the sun was warm on my skin. I was complaining a lot about the cold and just wanted to go in. I do not like being out in weather colder than my age.

Half way through our walk, I looked down and saw a little card laying in the middle of the road. The floral print is what caught my eye. Nick rolled his eyes as he does not like me to pick things up I find. "I need to pick this up", I suggested. "It has a little Bible verse on it". It was like someone had dropped it just for me to find.

The other side had a little prayer on it. I slipped it in the waistband of my spandex leggings and headed home. It was a little blessing and made me feel guilty from complaining about the weather. Despite all the rain we have been having lately, It's being poured on us for a reason and we need to accept and find happiness in everything God has blessed us with.

This little card now hangs on the board beside my desk at work.


The rain finally let up and we have been able to enjoy the sunshine. It has been warm enough for me to slip on a pair of shorts and a tshirt before heading out for our afternoon walk. For a while I thought the tanning be was going to be the only source of rays I was going to get.

It felt good to get outside. We saw a lot of signs of Springs. There were a lot bloomers. Flowers blooming and trees budding. 
The Bradford Pear trees were the first to greet us with there stinky fragrance in the air (I call them fish trees).
I am glad I took my camera with me so I could take some photos along the way.

The Butter Cups (or Daffodils) were loud and proud and I could tell they were wanting their photo taken. 

My Camellia bushes were full bloom. These beauties bloom twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the Fall.  

I had to ask my face book friends what this plant was. I am told it is a “Hyacinth” It was hiding between some bushes in my neighbors yard. 

It was so pretty. I had to reach out and pet this one after I took a photo. It just looked fluffy and needed some attention.

I have an onion garden in my front yard.
The yellow bells (also known to me as a hickory bush) are in full bloom too.
My butterfly bush has new growth and the day lilies and Easter Lilies have broke ground. 

And to think, when you first seen the title to my post, you thought about these.

Come on, you know you did.

So Much Rain

Oh my gosh Betty! It has rained so much here in North Carolina. I think it has rained every week since August. I think rainy days are cozy and peaceful but it has been non stop all this past week with only a few peeps of sunshine when the clouds break up a little. We have flood warnings. I have never seen a flood here other than low spots in yards aound the area.

The temperatures go from 30 to 60 on any given day and we have even had some thunder and lighting. They say 10 days after Winter thunder, snow will fall. I’m not sure about that. 
I try not to complain about what the Lord throws down on us, but I really need some sunshine. 

It’s so wet that that I’m trying to save earthworms around here. Haha. 

Then there was this puddle in the yard I have been anylizing all week through the living room window. I made it an oppertunity to try out my handmade sail boat I made from a peice of dift wood I found on the beach. 

It did float and I had a little fun. Who cares if I looked like a weirdo playing in mud puddles at my age. 

Whats the weather like in your area?

Welcome Frosty-Candle Review

The weather finally dropped last week and we had a day of snow. However, it's been in the 60’s again this week. That did not stop me from welcoming Frosty with my new candle from Goose Creek Candles.

Welcome Frosty quickly filled my home with a fresh Winter scent. The mix of vanilla, butter cream, fresh peach, sandalwood, and coconut with a hint of spice quickly filled the room with the aroma of fresh snow. Even my husband likes this candle and he is picky about fragrances I use in our home.

I am overwhelmed with how well these candles smell. The duel cotton wicks burn even so there are not holes or low spots in my candle. I can also breath a breath of fresh air knowing these candles burn clean without any chemicals getting into the air or on materials in my home. This also means I do not have to worry about my candle glass turning black. No one wants a dirty candle. 

After realizing how great the candles are, I decided to purchase a couple of the Goose Creek wax melts from the their wax melt collection. I use wax melts at work to keep my office fresh. I will usually get them from a local store and I thought those were fine, until I tried the ones from Goose Creek.

I chose “Cucumber Rain” and “Blooming Magnolia”. These are absolutely the best and I will never go back to any other brand. I get a lot of compliments on how great my office smells now and everyone that comes in, wants to stay and sit a while.

I will be getting more of these wax melts soon. The hardest part is trying to decide on a new aroma as they offer over 120 different fragrances. They also have rooms sprays, car scents, and tea lights along with other great products.

So if you want a fragrance in the air true to smell, visit Goose Creek Candles. They are made right here in the USA. With great prices and fast delivery, you can't go wrong.

Shop for your favorite candle and flameless scents at

*The large Jar candle was provided to me free of charge 
in exchange for my honest review. 
All opinions are 100% my own.


Despite the warm weather we have been having, the temperatures finally dropped and we got our first snow. Here in my neck of the woods, we got about 3 inches of snow and about 2 inches of ice. That's pretty much par for us.

My work was closed on Monday due to the weather conditions. The main roads were being cleared but the neighborhoods and side roads were untouched. This made it hard for our employees to get to work and our carpet cleaning trucks to get to any customers homes. I stayed in and got caught up on cleaning and gift wrapping. I also made cookies and a snowmen.

Tuesday came and I was getting behind and needed to go into work. There was only so much I could do at home from my iPad. I threw on my britches, sweatshirt and clodhoppers and headed out the door. In case you don't know, Clodhoppers is a Southern word for large heavy shoes, britches are pants and that's just how I talk.

Here are my clodhoppers. They have had their day but are my favorite snow shoes.
This is also me standing on the ice that covers a couple inches of snow.

Before heading out, I got word that the parking lot was a sheet of ice so I may need to have Nick just bring me and drop me off at the bottom of the parking lot. That he did.

Here I am after the struggle of climbing the ice slick parking lot and still had quiet a few feet to go to get into the building.

Not sure why the owner never hires someone to scrape it for us but this is what I dread most about the snow. Climbing that hill into the office. This side is always shaded so the snow and ice will hang around for days.

I hope this is all the snow we get this year but I wont hold my breath. It's only December and we don't usually have our real Winter weather until February.

If you are fighting the snow and ice today, be sure to throw on those clodhoppers before you go out.

"My snowman Sue"

Snow Candy

We woke up Sunday morning to about an inch of snow. The weatherman got it right. Snow is something we do not see but maybe once or twice a year here. People will get into a panic and rush to the stores and close businesses with the slightest threat of the white stuff. We rarely get just plain snow, It’s usually mixed with sleet or freezing rain. In fact, it has been sleeting here for hours, laying a blanket of ice to seal the snow. Basically, we get our Winters in bundles. It can be 70 degrees one week and 30 the next. But I will not complain. Nothing is prettier than a snow in December.

I really miss my daughter being home on snow days. We used to rush out and build a snow man followed by making snow cream, then settle down inside to a warm cup of cocoa. Now we snap photos back a forth. 

The kid in me still likes to go outside when it snows. While I was having my breakfast and coffee, I came across a recipe for Maple Snow candy.  I could not wait to go outside and try it. Holy Moly it worked! 

I am 49 years old and have seen every Little House on the Prairie episode and still never knew about “snow candy” until today. I bet my mom knew about this, but with four kids I can see why she kept it a secret. 

Supposedly, Snow taffy or Snow candy is a traditional favorite in Canada. When maple syrup is boiled to the right temperature, it is poured onto a blanket of snow creating a taffy or hard candy. I guess it depends on the heat of the syrup. There is an art to making candy just like making peanut brittle. But ill save that one for another post. 

I did not have any Maple syrup so I used the optional recipe of honey and brown sugar. 

1/2 cup of honey
1/4 cup of brown sugar. 

Bring to a boil while constantly stirring. You want the temperature to reach about 235-240 degrees.
I did not have a thermometer so I let it boil for about 5 minutes. It will foam up but the foam will disappear as soon as you take it off the heat. 

When the syrup is ready, pour strips of the honey mixture into the snow. With straws (or wooden sticks) roll the candy to make pops. This has to be done rather fast because it quickly turns into a hard candy. If this happens its ok, the kids will have fun picking the pieces up to get a sugar fix. 

I’m sure the real Maple syrup would have tasted better than honey but a poor girl only has so much to work with. 

WARNING:  Use adult supervision at all times and be very careful. Boiling sugar can be the worst burn ever if it gets on you because it will stick while burning your skin off

Hurricane Florence- Sunday

Good morning yall.
It’s Sunday morning and its not too bad but we are now getting some mean wind gust from time to time from hurricane Florence here in the Charlotte area of North Carolina.

We had a good day yesterday with hardly any rain or wind. We actually went for a nice walk in the mist. I spent the rest of the day cleaning and catching up on laundry. 
This storm is only moving 2 miles per hour. That means lots of rain for a while but forcast shows sunny on Wednesday.

Here is the forcast at 10:00 am this Sunday morning.

  • We still have power 
  • but the internet and cable are out across the neigborhood. 
  • Churches have cancelled services this morning.
  • We could hear the rain hitting the gutters during the night and gust of wind blowing through the attic vents.
  • There is a creek behind our house that will often over flow in a big rain but it has remained low and calm and we have not see any trees down. 
  • Only leafy branches spread across the yard from the neighbors trees. 
  • We do not have any trees in our yard execpt a dogwood in the back and a butterfly bush in the front. Both are doing fine. 
  • I worry about some of the neighbors with towering penoaks and pines.
  • Got word that the campground were we camp and store our camper at the beach is ok with no damage. 
  • We have someone that will be checking on any damage to our camper in the morning. 
  • My brother in law is headed back today to his home on the beach. It was spared. They lost power but no damages.
  • Without internet or TV we are bored. The stores around here are closed for safety of their workers.
  • Its raining too hard to go for a walk and all my cleaning is done.
  • Gonna try and talk Nick into putting on rain gear and going for a walk anyway so he will stop walking circles around the house. 
  • And I have eaten all my hurricane snacks.
“It’s a gully washer” as my dad would say.

More later
Stay safe. 

Hurricane Florence- Saturday

Today is Saturday and they expect the Hurricane Florence to hit my area this morning. Despite what you see on tv, the weathermen are playing it up in some areas. They have been seen faking heavy winds and bad conditions. It’s giving them more views but giving people loss of security. However, there are some that are really getting pounded by this storm right now and my prayers are with them. Where I live, the winds are picking up and the rain just started coming down at 8:30am. Here is the most recent forcast image of my area (Charlotte). 

For my family and followers, I plan to keep you updated on the hurricane each day until it passes. That means I plan to have an updated post each day for the next two or three days. (as if your not seeing enough on TV already).

We were actually going to take a beach trip this weekend but shes coming to us instead. Our next trip down will be to check on damages to our camper.

I live in the Charlotte area, 200 miles from the coast. We are expected to have lots of rain, downed trees and power outages. However, people here are really freaking out and the grocery stores are out of everything. We are not stocked up but have enough to get us by if we are stranded in the house for a couple days and we can walk to the nearest grocery store. I doubt it will get to that point though. 

This storm is coming in sooo slow. We have been preparing for the worst all week. It’s tiring.

This is the Apache Pier on a calm day. It's well known, so a lot of news is being reported from there. Two years ago, hurricane Matthew took that owning off like a hat and also tore the end of the pier off. It has since been rebuilt. We can see the pier from where we camp a mile away.

My brother in law lives and works at the Apache Camp Ground. He and his wife and daughter have evacuated and hope they have a home to come to when they return next week.

Here is a photo from Wednesday.
This is a pier at Atlantic Beach, North Carolina.

The swells were getting big and the wind was picking up and shaking the piers.
The end of the pier did not make it through the night.

And here is what it looks like from my front door this morning.  

More tomorrow. 

We are hunkered down!

Rain and Sand

It’s Tuesday and I am just getting around to posting about my weekend beach trip. It was a great trip for a Duck!

My husband, daughter and I took a trip to our beach camper this past weekend. We knew rain was in the forcast but plans were already set. I get a limited amount of days off from work so we have to go when we can. 
We can never really go by the weather forcast for the beach since it can be so unpredictable. It can be raining a mile off the beach and still be sunny and beautiful on the beach. 

ANY WAY....It was terrible this past weekend. Rain, rain and more rain. The camper gets very small when we are all stuck inside. Cabin fever will set in quick. We literally would stare out the windows and once the rain would stop, we would go outside and walk around. It was off and on every fifteen minutes. We finally made the decision to go for our excersise walk in the rain. It was very warm so the rain felt refreshing. We were soaked from head to toe but it was fun. Of course we could have gotten out and went shopping, but for what? We didn’t need anything nor the money to waste. We were there for the sand and sun.

While my daughter watched a little tv, me and Nick headed out for a walk on the beach during another rain break. We didn’t drive 210 miles not to get our feet wet in the ocean. However, I did more than that. I actually fell in the ocean. I wanted Nick to snap a photo me in the water. Just as he snapped the photo, a wave took my feet out from under me. He had a good laugh with that. 

One day I took my excersise walk/run on the beach. I decided not to let the misty rain keep me imprisoned. 

Later on that afternoon we got some ice cream and played a few games of skeet ball in the campground arcade.
We made it a short day and finally headed out to dinner. We visited the local winery then ended the night with at trip to the outlet malls. 

Of course the drive home was sunny. 

How's The Weather

How's the weather where you are? I'm telling ya, It's just crazy here. Mother nature can't seem to decide if its Winter or Spring. Well, I have already put away the coats so I declare Spring.
One day it will be in the 80's and then the next day it will be in the 40s.

This past weekend we were expected to have a storm. Now, let me just tell you how I get when we are expecting a storm.
First off, I love thunderstorms. We do not have any trees around our house so I do not fear a good storm. But when I hear we are going to have a thunderstorm, I start scurrying around my house cleaning. I have not figured out why I do this. But I get this anxiety were I have to get my house tidy before the storm hits. If we are out somewhere and the sky turns dark, this will bother me to the end. I just don't know what makes me do this but it has to be done.
[You can guess the look I'm getting from Nick. He probably wished we had more storms.]

Sunday as me and Nick sat watching TV, our phone alerts went off. We just looked at each other , Like, "Is that your phone or mine? Well it was both of our phones. So we stopped watching TV and looked to see what was the matter.

It was a tornado warning.

It warned us to take shelter but this only made us run to the windows with curiosity and watch as the storm blew through. We had some strong winds and hard rain, but no tornado. I have not seen a tornado in my area since about 1975ish. However, some parts of the city reported tornado like damages and hail. We didn't even get one hail ball. Our trash can blew over and my gnome made a dive into the bushes. Other than that, we are all fine.

We had a freeze warning for this morning and it's currently 68 degrees.
Maybe we will get some steady temperatures soon.

Sunshine and Snow

I was just bragging last week how warm it was around here in North Carolina. I spoke to soon.
Thursday I woke up to temperatures in the 30’s. I have already put my Winter clothes to the back of my closet and packed my boots away  actually gave my boots away to the local thrift shop. I was done!

While I was at work I peered over to my tiny window of my office and noticed blue skies and sunshine. Then I seen puffy white flakes dancing in the open air. I said to myself  “what? Is that snow?”  I made a post on my facebook to let everyone know it was snowing (as if I was the only one that saw it). I had to get the news out. Then I ran outside to get a photo of the falling snow (you know, as proof) because no one is going to beleive me. I mean, it has been warm all the other days.. 

As I positioned my little 6s to snap a photo, It stopped. I didn’t even get a picture. I had no proof.
Everyone started sending me messages that I must be going crazy. However, there were some that commented on my post that they too had seen it snow for a brief moment. 

My sister sent me a photo. Thank sis! It was of the ONE little cloud that passed through like a rain cloud, dumping a powder of snow across some of the viewing area. 

Yep that was the extent of it.
Crazy huh?
Don't laugh at the exitement. We don't get to see much of the white stuff around here. 
Now its back in the 50’s on this beautiful Saturday morning.