Greek Festival

Our daughter wanted us all to go to the Yiasou Greek Festival this year. Every year the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church puts on this festival full of dances, music, choir performance, re-enactments, food and more.

We arrived at her apartment (free parking) and walked two miles to the festival. It was a nice walk but hot as the temperatures were in the 90’s again. It would cloud up for a few minutes like it was going to rain, then the sun would come right back out. It beat having to sit in traffic, try to find a parking spot and pay outrageous prices to park. We were there in no time and our walk was faster than the traffic line. 

Once we walked in, I was a little disappointed that it was not that big and everything was jammed together. We are not big fans of crowds so this was an uncomfortable moment at first. It turned out to be not so bad after all. You can see the Greek Church in the photo behind me. 

We saw a lot of merchants selling hand made jewelry, clothes and crafts. You could see little children walking around dressed to perform traditional dances and play instruments of their ancestral villages. It became more interesting to me when I saw a Greek Warrior. 

I think I left my husband and daughter behind at the first glimpse of metal and red cloth beaming through the crowd. I should have warned him that if I see a man in armor, I will head straight towards him. I was able to snap a photo through the crowd and we moved on. Well, he moved on and we headed to the food. 

Our first stop was at the bakery area. There were about twenty rows of tables under tents, full of different breads and pastries of nothing I can pronounce. I have always liked Baklava. Since I have been dieting, I didn't realize how sweet that stuff was, so one bite was all I could handle. I ended up grabbing some other interesting goodies to take home. 

It was lunch time so we stood in a 30 minute line to grab some authentic Greek food. I purchased a few spinach/feta cheese pies and Greek fries for me and Nick and my daughter purchased a Souvlaki Stick (pork on a stick). There was no open tables to sit, so we squatted on a curb in a shady corner like little peasants and ate lunch. 

After lunch we took a walk inside of the cathedral. The Holy Trinity Cathedral was built in 1954 and consist of beautiful Byzantine and iconography architecture. It was absolutely beautiful as we slowly walked through with amazement.

Before leaving Nick nick disappeared under a crowded tent and emerged with a plate of Loukoumades (Greek Donuts) to share. I think I liked these best. They tasted like little funnel cakes. Yes, my husband photographer had to take this shot while I had my mouth full. He gets a kick out of that. You should see some of the ones I deleted. Ha ha

After the festival we headed back to my daughters place and took even a further walk uptown. I'm saving that story for another post. 

Do you like Greek food? Have you ever visited Greece? If so, what are some of your favorite things to eat, see and do?


  1. looks like a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. love greek food too.

  2. What a fun time. You look so cute, love that top. Yikes, all those tempting things to eat. Wise way to get to the fair, on foot. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. It’s cause you look so darn cute with your mouth full! I’ve always wanted to go to a Greek Festival! Fun!

  4. It looks like you all had a great time. We love Greek food and in another week we a a small Greek fair in our neighborhood that we like to go to each year. Haha you look so cute eating that food.

  5. Yummmmmm I love Greek food!! I made Pastitsio recently, it was phenomenal. Once the weather cools I'll be adding it to my dinner repertoire!!

  6. Hi Lisa!
    We weren't able to go but my sister went. Boy, those clouds did loom! Sounds like you enjoyed yourself once you got in and saw the different vendors etc. Cool Greek warrior! I do like Baklava and hubby likes Gyros. I bet it smelled so good. Glad you had a good time! The church art on the ceilings looked amazing. I am with you on big crowds!
    Have a great week!
    jess xx

  7. I always enjoy walking around festivals. Good idea to park at your daughters and walk!!

  8. Spanakopita (spinach pie) is one of my favorite things to eat!!

    1. Yes! I have been looking for that word! Thanks.

  9. Very good entry and beautiful pictures. Love the food pics. Yes the church is fascinating. We attended one time many years ago me thinks, but the memories are fuzzy. Sherry worked over in that area of Charlotte.
    Love from Texas

    We love the river walk here.

  10. I've not been to any foreign country...and I am unsure if I've ever eaten Greek food.
    I'm glad ya'll had a good time...and Nick likes taking pic of you cause you are such a cutie girl....xoxo