Red Okra

Has anyone missed me? I haven’t written a blog post in a while. I think about blogging and I want to blog but time gets away from me. The blogger platform has not been my friend lately either. I have thought about moving my blog to another platform but not sure which one to use. I would like one that will allow me to blog and also have a store. Comment below if you have any suggestion for me.

But for today. I want to share something delicious that I got my hands on.

I visited my daughter in Charlotte the other day for some mother daughter time. We grabbed an ice coffee, did a little shopping, snacked on a charcuterie board while we sat by the pool. Between shopping and sitting by the pool, we walked to a street market where a vendor was selling red okra. She said she grows this okra from seeds that started with her great great grandmother. She called them Heirloom Okra. I bought a pound.

As the vendor explained: This kind of okra is better than the green ones. They are more tender and sweet. Even the larger ones are tender and sweet when cooked. They are also less slimy when boiled. 

I brought them home and gave them a good wash and ate some for dinner the next night. I left the stalks whole then sprayed some olive oil on them, salt and pepper and threw them into the air fryer. In 15 minutes I had some nice crunchy but still tender okra that tasted like fried okra without all the bread. 

The vendor did not lie. They were really tender and sweet. I have already planned to go back for more the next time she is out there. I will check my local farmers market first just incase someone there may have the same type.

Okra is one of my favorite vegetables. What is one of your favorite?


  1. Okra isn't a vegetable that we eat. Don't know why just never do. I like pretty much all vegetables but I guess my favorite would be carrots or sweet potatoes.
    Sorry no suggestions about another blogging platform. I've been with blogger since 2008 and really don't have any problems with it. Just sometimes when they decide to change things around and then have to figure it out.
    It is a blessing that you and your daughter are friends too.
    My daughter disowned us 12 years ago and haven't seen her since. :(

  2. I've never tried okra. My favorite veggie would have to be corn on the cob.

    I'm no help with platform suggestions. I use weebly for my website and they do offer a store component, but I've never used it. Then I just have a link to my blogger blog from that website.

  3. Sounds like a good find. I don't remember ever even seeing Red Okra. We do love okra and that sounds tasty. Sounds like a good thing to give a try if we run across it. Surely they grow it down here in Florida. Will let you know if we see any.
    Love from Florida
    Sherry & jack

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day spent with your daughter in Charlotte. Made me smile, as my granddaughter was just born, and they named her Charlotte. : ) The okra sounds delicious the way you make it, with olive oil and air fried. My dad used to grow okra in his garden. It's nice that you found a lady who sells it at the market, so you can go back and get some more the next time you visit.