Beach Rundown

 This is my blog view today

Yep. We are now heading home from a week at the beach. The camper is cleaned and closed and the car is packed and safety prayers have been said. We take mostly backroads and see lots of pretty farm lands. 

It was a beautiful week with all sunshine and temperatures in the upper 90’s. Leaving is sorta sad, but once we get on the road, the comforts of home kicks in and it’s nice to open the door to the house. This means we made it safe and put another memory in the books.

Nick took this photo the morning before we left

I learned the first day on the beach that I can’t fight the ocean the way I used to when I was a younger. I walked myself out about knee deep and along came a wave and swept my feet right out from under me. “Hey! That was mean!’ Needless to say I walked out with a bloody knee and a shell rash that lasted all week. It’s healed up now but left a white spot that didn’t tan.

A bird pooped on Nick and I laughed. The next day I got pooped on. Wasn’t so funny then. Ok, Yes it was. We both laughed. I heard it was good luck anyway. I wanted to go kayaking for the the first time at the campground lake and don’t know why I didn’t. Eh, maybe on the next trip in a couple months. 

It makes Nick really nervous when I do things on a whelm like this so I mentioned it a few times but didn’t pout about it. Neither one of us can swim. But I did find this little prince by the lake while we were washing some clothes at the laundry mat (or is it laundro mat?)

We enjoyed dinner by the water way with friends and family. We shopped at some outlets and walked around a brewery, but no, I didn’t get a beer, ha. The last night there, we tried a new place called Barefoot Bistro. It was a little swanky little place with a one man band and familiar foods. The people all seemed to know each other as if this was a regular hang out for locals.

I ordered the chicken pot pie and Nick got the smothered chicken with beans and potatoes. My pot pie was huge. It was all so good! I have leftovers back there in the cooler.

Well, we are now half way home and fixing to stop for a little road side picnic before we drive another 100 miles. 

Work will come early in the morning and shoes will be hard to wear.   


  1. Sounds like a lovely vacation making memories.
    The picture that Nick took is breathtaking!!
    I'm sure you would have liked kayaking - it is so relaxing and peaceful. We love it.

  2. That is the tiniest, cutest little frog ever!

    I tried kayaking. Not a fan, but I have no coordination or upper body strength.

  3. The chicken pot pie looks delicious, and I love the rustic plate they served it on. What a cute surprise you found. He's so tiny. The bird poop story made me smile, and it reminded me of Under The Tuscan Sun when a bird flew in the house and pooped all over Francis. And Yes, in the movie, that was a positive sign! Glad you returned home safely.