Summer Fashion Wants

Spring is here and this gives me the itch to want new clothes. It usually starts at Easter. I keep coming across styles online and in the stores that I like. I have a Pinterest board set for “Summer Fashion”. However,  I do more “wanting” than “Buying”.

I need a new bathing suit. They are already getting picked over and I think Target had the cutest ones so far. The full piece seem to be hot this year but I’m leaning more toward the highwaist two peice. I also like the sporty look. I love this one. I’m always drawn to stripes and I like the mixed patterns. 

Have you seen all the jumpsuits that are out this year? I started seeing a lot of them last year. While most are casual dressy, I like the comfy, and cute ones. I’m loving the look of this vintage style jumpsuit. It would look great with a bandeau or tank top.

I am actually trying to find a pair of tulle socks. I have not seen anyone wearing them but I think they are just adorable. I may have to order a pair to get what I want. I think they are fun and different. Do they remind you of a lady losing her stockings? I know that’s the reaction I will have with Nick. Haha.

Let’s talk purses. I’m always looking for a fun purse to carry and I am swooning over this Aztec print clutch.


I am not 100% on board with the Kimono tops but these long sheer Kimonos are growing on me. I think they will be great for cool summer nights with jeans, shorts or over a swim suit.

Source unknown

According to my daughter, snake skin print is a growing style in the city right now. I’m glad because I am actually trying to find some wedges like these snakes skin print with brown. They are on Ebay but unfortunately they are not my size. They are also from China and I would want them by Easter, not Christmas.


Now if I could just find the closet space for the clothes and shoes I want. Ha. We have small closets and even with a small amount of clothes, it gets tight. I will just continue to window shop for now....Windows 10 that is. 


  1. Cute pieces Lisa. I was looking in Target the other day for a cute pair of sandals, but I didn't have much luck. Hopefully the local Target will restock sandals soon! Also thank you for the kind words you left on my post :) wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  2. Me 'n Nick seem to act the same. I think he is getting to be an old man! hahahaha Tell him I still like 'im.
    Yeah you show some cute outfits (for you youngster!)
    Love you girl. Enjoy he rain!
    Sherry & jac

  3. Lisa, You will be so cute in the swimsuit. I laughed about the socks. Love the kimono with the skinny pants. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. I love these! They are just too cute! Target has some pretty swimsuits and I'm on board with you on that swimsuit. I love the mixed pattern also. And that jumpsuit...LOVE it! May have to order it, so thank you for providing the link! :-) Shoes are just too cute. I'm also looking for some cute wedge-type shoes for summer. I hate that Payless is going by the wayside because they were always good for a cute, inexpensive shoe! Hugs!

  5. Nice clutch. I rather like kimonos … but not on me. The socks are cute but reminded me of when my nylons had worked their way ALL THE WAY DOWN without me realizing it a few months ago. It gave my chap quite a right laugh.

  6. window shopping is always fun. you have some nice selections. like the socks.

  7. I rarely change what I wear in the summer. Probably wear shorts, but everything else is the same minus a coat.

  8. Those are cute tulle socks, I never thought of it that way about a lady loosing her stockings! hehe. Target has great swimsuits, I bought mine last year, a gingham one piece. I like the 2 piece selection and you could mix patterns too. If I see any snakeskin/brown sandals Ill let youknow!
    jess xx