Rag Bunny

I reached up into the closet and pulled down the rag bunny. It always brings back memories.

I remember the days when times were tough and money was more tight than today. I would have considered us poor. We lived in a little old house that used to belong to Nicks grandparents. He and his father did a great job remodeling the inside and we made it our first home. I actually loved that house but hated where it was. It sat on about 10 feet from the road on the corner of a busy intersection. It was not safe to play outside or even enjoy the porch out front. However, there was a lot of love and memories in that house and you could always get a whiff every now and again of his Italian grandmothers cooking through the walls.

We both worked and it took my whole paycheck to pay for daycare and insurance. The only reason I worked at the time was to have insurance. I still can’t say I would have rather been a stay at home mom. I needed an outlet, and my daughter needed to interact with other children. It all worked out. 

Every Easter, I have always created my daughter an Easter basket. When she was little I refused to go out and pay lots of money on the fluffy stuffed animals and throw away toys that we simply could not afford. One year I found a piece of scrap material to line her basket to match her new dress. With enough scrap left over I created a matching bunny. This was my first time doing anything like this but I wanted her to have a rabbit doll. 

I cut out shapes of each limb. By needle and thread, I sewed and stuffed each piece together and attached it all together. It was not perfect or pretty but she was tickled to have a bunny that mommy made. 

The rag bunny is still around. She didn’t take it with her when she moved out. I bring it out every year and add it to my Easter decorations. Sometimes it sits on the bed or in the rocker. Sometimes its added to other decor. This year its sits on my mantel. It brings back memories of her being little and how sometimes the simplest and cheapest gifts can be the best. 


  1. YES, YES, YES! There are memories worth millions. I can just imagine the many memories wrapped up in this rabbit. Thanks for sharing this family story. It just 'shows' you have always been a crafty lady.
    Sending love from over in 'your old home town'!

  2. Oh, what precious memories! I love your bunny and all that he represents! Love, creativity, resourcefulness, ingenuity, persistence......I’m so glad you keep the bunny and bring him out every year. Cherishing memories make them last longer. How soon we forget them if we don’t take the time to recall and celebrate them.

  3. That bunny is sweet and well worth keeping and bringing out each Easter season.

  4. Lisa, I love this bunny! He is perfect in every way...especially with all the memories attached and all the work you did creating him. I would sleep with him every night on my pillow...you did a fabulous job! Hugs!

  5. HeHe! Well...I don't have a rag bunny..
    BUT! BUT! I do have a Golliwog..!
    ooops! ooops! Jolly golly..sorry,
    not supposed to call them Golliwogs any
    more..not proper..
    But! My Golly, l had when l was five years
    old,..so..so..it's very old indeed, at about
    that time, l decided to give it a hair cut,
    so off came the Afro..Oh! Dear! Silly me!
    I thought it would grow back, but, alas it
    never did..it sits on the bed, with a badly
    painted face, something else that happened
    over the years..looking a complete and utter
    Do l love him..don't be silly..of course
    l don't..DO! DO! DO! HeHe! Bless!

  6. A cute little bunny but more important it holds all those happy memories.

  7. I remember having a similar bunny. I wonder where he ended up.

  8. You made such a pretty fabric bunny for when you daughter was little. It must looks so cute and festive on your mantel.

  9. That is a wonderful story and wonderful that it brings back such memories. I bet your daughter cherishes it, as you made it. We used to laugh, as my mom would have us hunting for Easter baskets, until I was in my 20s.. it was such a tradition, I was sad to let it go!
    Enjoy your week!
    jess xx

  10. I loved reading this post Lisa! My mom also makes me an Easter Basket. The basket are filled with love and effort. Those make for some of the best sentimental gifts!