On My Mind

Hope everyone is enjoying April so far and the beautiful weather it's brought with it. We saw snow on Tuesday and it was 74 degrees on Wednesday. That's what we have to deal with here this time of year.

I have loofah plants started that are itching to get out in the yard. I can not plant them until the threat of frost is gone. I had read where it takes them a while to sprout so I actually started some in February. They were 2 inches tall in 6 weeks! Afraid they will die sitting in little planter cups, I started a few more seeds the first of March. They are all doing good. I have already thinned them out to only 6 plants. The first ones I started are as high as the window and are trying every way they can to get their little twigs through the cracks. “Sorry guys but those are insulated windows”. 
I plan to get a trellis and plant them sometime in the next two weeks. 

I have a bit of bloggers block so I have been slow at writing any new post lately. I think its because I actually have a lot on my mind right now. I get overwhelmed really easy. I’m trying to learn not too.

We had two friends loose their wives last week. One lost her battle to cancer and one lost her battle with dementia. Both only in their 60’s and both very sweet ladies. I did not know the ladies as much as I knew their husbands as they were more friends of my Husband. Any friend of his is a friend of mine. 

I have written a crochet pattern I am anxious to try. It’s for wash clothes. If they turn out as I expect, they will not be ordinary and quiet funny. I can't wait to see and share the results. 

Then here comes the overwhelming part, It's been on my mind all week on top of other things.
I have a video interview with Nutrisystem this afternoon. It’s to answer a few questions and share my weight loss story. I do not know what it is about me, I can talk to a stranger like I have known them forever. I can act a part if I am told what to say, and I can pose for a photo, but if you put me in front of a camera to speak my own words, I freeze up. I am not a good speaker. I draw a blank. You can put a camera in my face and ask me where I live and I'd forget what to say. Seriously! Then I see others doing so well with speaking from their minds in front of a camera and I get intimidated. I beat myself up over these things. I need to just chill and go with the flow. I think that I "over think" and that's where I mess up.

I have a phobia of public speaking.
I need to just breathe in and breathe out, relax and go for it.
I love sharing my success with everyone and I think the more I do this, the better I will get at it.
Wish me luck..My daddy says I'm just as good as the rest of them. 


  1. Congrats on the success at you weight loss - that is amazing! Practice makes perfect on the speaking thing-you can practice in front of a mirror. I had to participate in Toastmasters at work to get more comfortable with public speaking. That is super sad about all the losses your friends are experiencing...so sad!!! I am so sorry - breaks can sometimes be a very good thing!!! Hope things get easier soon! Hugs Lisa! Annster's Domain

    1. Well, I made it through the interview. ha! I will get over the bloggers block soon. I just have days I'm lost for words or have too many words! haha

  2. It is not unusual, what youare saying. Sherry and I were talking about that earlier today. I read Myra's blog where she answers questions and tell Sherry I cna sit and wirte answers some times, but mostly in speaking now, I draw a blank. I was once a public speaker and story teller, no more.
    All I can say to you, is just be yourself, tell 'em that up front, this is me, and everyone is proud of ME! and we (and Nick) ARE! And Daddy of course!
    Sherry & jack

  3. Shucks, we all knew you would do good! Yeah, enjoy the weather....

  4. Sorry to hear about your friends' wives. When you know someone you care about is hurting, it's hard to just put that out of your mind.

    I'm also a HORRIBLE public speaker. I loathe cameras and microphones. They're both evil, probably. I've found if I own it, it tales some of the pressure off. I'll say at the beginning that if I get all twitchy, it's just nerves, not a seizure or anything. (I have an eye that twitches when I get nervous.)

    1. I get a twitchy lip and feel like Elvis.hahaha.
      You are right about “owning it”. Gives a little confidence.

  5. I've done a great deal of public speaking in my time!
    And..done loads of entertaining on stage..
    So..how can you overcome your fear of public speaking?
    (Known as Glossophobia)..
    Know your topic...
    Get organized...
    Practice, and then practice some more...
    Challenge specific worries...
    Visualize your success...
    Do some deep breathing...
    Focus on your material, not on your audience...
    Don't fear a moment of silence.

    1. Thats like a professional swimmer telling someone who can not swim, not to be afraid of the deep end.

  6. I've just left this..on your contact page,
    with a short message..nothing seemed to happen...


  7. As cute and with such a fun personality, I am shocked to know that you don't like public speaking. You are the type that lights up a room when you walk in and gorgeous to boot. Don't be scared..all those you are talking to just WISH they were as cute as you!!
    NOW...with that being said, I almost throw up and pee my pants if I have to get up in front of a bunch of people....

    I've not been a very good blogger of late and not visiting like I should...nor posting, for that matter. IG has me wrapped around it's little finger and I spend all my computer time over there.....LUV IT !!!

  8. Wow those plants are coming along fantastic.
    I think it is very common to not like public speaking. That is so different than to just talk. I'm the same way!!

  9. Lisa, Sorry about the deaths of friends. I do not like to hear of my towns people passing even. I feel overwhelmed easily myself. I hope you can get better at speaking. Brush up on what you know about the product and it will seem to flow naturally. Good luck. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  10. I have days like that with the blog. I sit there and wonder what I'm going to type that someone might be interested in. I hope that the interview went well. You seem as though you have a great personality and can pull events off easily! Other people definitely need to hear your story so that you can encourage them...they need to hear what you have to say! I feel your pain. I freeze in front of a camera for a photo because I hate having my picture taken. I can talk to strangers all day, but everything else terrifies me. Have a great one! Hugs!

  11. Replies
    1. haha. No. Its loofah plants. I have a few to plant. In the Fall they will be ready to harvest.