Fall Cardigan

I just can’t seem to get into the whole Fall season around here in North Carolina. Our temperatures are still in the 80s. I’m still wearing shorts and flip flops for heaven sake. 

I went shopping this weekend for some new Fall booties, and again, I’m waking up today without any new ones. I just can’t seem to find a color and style that catches my eye. I’m also on a mission for a new pocket book but I can’t find the right one. The only one I saw that I really liked, was the same price as my car payment, so nope.

We headed out to the mall and I picked up some lotion from bath and body works then skipped across the mall to Charlotte Russe. (Yes I practically skipped because I was feeling giddy after getting my lotion at a great sale price). 

We are planning on taking another trip to the beach next week so I wanted some new threads to wear. I had to ask myself, “Do I hit the sales rack for reduced summer items? I mean, it is still hot outside. Or do I go ahead and get something Fallish?” 
The weather man is calling for some cooler weather finally starting next week. So, it could be cool at the beach.
I was in a limbo.

First I headed straight back to the shoe wall and ohhed and ahhed over the sweet looking shoes they had. Then turned to the sweater rack. Thats when I saw some rust colored cardigans on door buster sale. They were practically half price and I love this color. 

I grabbed a small and headed to the register. 

I plan to pack this in my suitcase for my Fall beach trip. No matter how warm it is, It can get a little chilly at the beach during the evenings. I plan to wear this cardigain with my jeans but I also think it looks fun with my denim shorts and T-shirt. 

It’s a fun cardigan that can be dressed up or down. It’s perfect for Fall and fun to wear. 

Open Front Cable Cardigan- Charlotte Russe
Split Side Denim Cut off shorts- Old Navy
White Luxe T-shirt- Gap


  1. Cute outfit Lisa! Love the cardigan! In South Carolina it's still very hot and humid! I can't wait for cooler temperatures! Have a great week!

  2. It'll be perfect for a chilly fall Beach evening. I LOVE that color on you! You're so stinking CUTE!!

  3. Love the cardigan, and it's color! Here in New England I get a lot of use out of pieces like that. I, too, was in search of a decent ankle boot but nothing was catching my eye. Until I discovered Freebird online - are you familiar? They ain't cheap, but they're made really well and will last a long time. I finally chose the "stair"... look it up on Freebird site... they arrive this week, I'm hoping they're as comfortable as the reviews I read -

  4. Happy Monday Lisa!
    I know what you mean about the weather! When is Mother Nature going to realize it is Fall and it is supposed to be cool outside! It is funny as I have much more of a Fall-winter wardrobe, as I used to live in Pittsburgh, but we have been here for 15 years, so... Love your long cardigan, what a pretty color! It looks great on you. Just FYI, I have done a fair amount of boot shopping for this year on 6pm. They have styles that may be last years styles but at fantastic prices!
    jess xx

    1. Oh I like the “indigo rd” booties on there! Ill have to consider this site! Thanks

  5. That cardigan is adorable - I love the color for fall!

  6. I like the whole you there in the cardigan. Sherry would probably like that one. She requires sweater type things all year round, most stores & restaurant 'demand' she wrap up!
    Glad you are finding bargains. I know the trip will be fun!

  7. I agree with Andrea and you look so good and cute. Your cardigan is so perfect for fall and your trip to the beach.

  8. You sound like my kind of shopper. I love Charlotte Russe and I have found some great deals there. Your cardigan is gorgeous. Love the color. I wish I could ship you some of my cold weather from Wisconsin!

  9. Hello - thank you for changing. I am not sure that was a problem for you - but it was for me - so funny. I do know a couple others have that issue too - I am wondering if it is something with google....

  10. Love love that cardigan the colour and the chinky knit! Looks so cool with shorts too! xx Maria

  11. love the sweater and the color. looks great on you.

  12. I'll tell you one thing...Stanley Steamer better treat you right 'cause you can quit them and go to work as a super model...I am serious...you are so cute and you have such a playful soul, you make anything you put on so adorable that we ALL want it, too.

  13. ...and of COURSE, now I want one, too....