Vintage Finds- Pins

I was over at my late father in laws estate this past weekend as we are getting things cleaned up for a future auction.
As I was looking around, I found a couple little vintage trinkets and decided to add them in my Etsy shop for fun.

I saw these hatpins and fell in love with them. I have not actually seen a hatpin in use so I looked up a little history on these jewels.

Here are a few fun facts I found about hatpins.

~Hatpins were origianally made to hold wimples and vials in place.
~Hatpins became popular in the 1880’s to use on hats.
~Women used hat pins as self defense against attacks by men.
~In 1908 A law was passed in America that limited the length of hatpins because they were afraid they would be used for weapon by suffragettes
~I just learned a new word.
~In the 1910s, an ordinance was passed that required hatpins to have covered tips so they would not accidently hurt someone.
~In 1918 passengers were advised to leave the trams if hatpins were uncovered but a law was never passed for that. 
~Now days, they are used as brooches on coats or as a conversation piece by collectors.

How about that? I never knew. But I can see these things being weapons as they made pin cushions out of me on the way home. I did not realize they were so sharp. Two of them have protector caps, but one does not.

Next, I came across these adorable little vintage diaper pins. These were also before my time, dating back to the 50’s. They are made of sterling silver and can be monogammed. I’m thinking this was a nice gift for the new baby back in the day. This set is a little tarnish. 

Diaper pins were still being used in the 60’s. I remember my mom using cloth diapers on my sister and brother. She was good about pinning them on without sticking the baby. She would place her hand behind the pin and sacrifice her own fingers. 

I’m wondering if some people still use cloth diapers now days. I’m surprised they have not made a come back in the organic and recyclable world. 

Both of these items and more can be found in my shop until sold. 


  1. I loved the diaper pins I used in the 60's with my youngest two children. I didn't use pins with Amber and Benjamin but have since looked for old fashioned diaper pins and I can't find them anymore! You really found some treasures!!

  2. Oh yes, I remember hat pins from my youth. mama always wore hats. I love the diaper pins, but never did see any so classy! Ours had cute plastic heads on them. LOL I am sure there are a lot of neat stuff in that estate....
    from the area between the rivers,
    Sherry & jack

  3. Men were fearful of those surly women who were trying to secure the right to vote:)

  4. Hat pins would make a great collection.
    I used cloth diapers with my first child but then Pampers came out and I started using them. That was the only brand of them back then and they you still had to use diaper pins for a while before they came out with the sticky tabs.