Salt Pillow

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a big believer on all this holistic therapies like the essential oils and herbs for example. Don’t get me wrong, I do not doubt they play positive rolls for natural alternatives for some as they did back in the Bible days, but I just don’t always buy it. I have tried some of the oils but never find they help with any kind of healing. Not that they don't, I just haven't experienced it. However, I do believe in aroma therapy as I think smells can react on how you feel. I think some smells will make you feel energize while others can relax you. That’s about as far as I will go with the holistics.

I have always heard that Himalayan salt rock is good for the air around you. I have never had a salt rock but have always wanted one and would also love to visit a salt cave and sit awhile just to see. 

While out and about the other day, My husband pointed out these salt pillows. 

They were a good price so I said, “ok why not”. Let just see what it does. I mean, I could use a heat activated pillow for my earaches, headaches and tummy cramps”. So purchased it and brought it home. It sat next to my chair for a couple days while I just sort of looked at it. I was waiting on a day I felt I needed some soothing comfort. 

If you know me, you know I suffer from symptoms of Meniere’s and Tinnitus. My left ear will practically go deaf and the feeling of fluid pressure and dizziness will take over my head. This can go on for days at a time with a couple good days in between. I will wake up with head aches and those days can be rotten. 

I decided to take this little pillow to bed with me. I lay my left ear against it and I'm out like a light. Since I have been sleeping with this pillow against my head, I have not woken up with a head ache like I used to do every morning. I also have not had any symptoms of Meniere’s and vertigo in over three weeks now. I am aware that as soon as I finish this post I could have a flare up as they will hit without warning, but I can’t help but wonder if this little pillow is really working or if it's all in my head? 

It weights 2.2 lbs and can be heated in the microwave for one minute and used as a heating pad. With the weight and heat combined, I'm sure it will work great for cramps. It can also be placed in the freezer and used as an ice pack. 

Salt holds temperature extremely well, whether hot or cold. Himalayan Salt Healing Pillow is filled with 100% natural Himalayan salt crystals. The pillows weight provides gentle pressure while conforming comfortably to the face and body's natural curves. Crystal salts last indefinitely and can be used over and over again. 

You can purchase a pillow like this at most department stores such as Target or Walmart or any health stores or pharmacy. I actually picked mine up at Hamricks Department Sore. 

Or just go straight to the company.


  1. Years ago I made rice bags and put some sea salt in them for the boys to microwave for aches and pains with their sports injuries. These pillows are awesome!

  2. Okay, this is a new wrinkle in my old horn. Never heard of a salt pillow, but I do believe in the healing qualities of salt, inside and out. (Not to the extreme inside of course) I hope it works for your head aches from now on.

    However if you quit drinking all night it helps headaches also. STOP.. it is a joke don't throw things... Love you lady AND of course there are mysteries in this world yet to be uncovered. Salt is ESSENTIAL in the world today, in my opinion!

  3. I have two salt lamps in my house. I love them - it is probably in my head too but they make my space feel clean and I love the pink hue. If it works, don't question it right? So glad your head issues are better!!

  4. I hope that it continues to help!!

  5. Wow! What an interesting discovery. I'd never even heard of them, but definitely will be checking it out. I saw your name mentioned on Jack's blog so had to stop by and say hello. He is such a good fella and I'm thinking all his friends, like you are great too!

  6. Great post - I have never heard of a salt pillow before... But it sounds like I should definitely try it out! :) Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna <3
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  7. i have a salt lamp next to my bed. i'm glad to hear the pillow is working for you.

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