More Vintage Things

I finally got some time to sit down and write a few minutes.

I have been pretty busy this past week. My husband and his brothers have decided to auction off their parents house along with the contents of what’s left inside. The house has been unlived in for several years now. My husband has continued to go over there a couple times a week to keep it clean, make sure there are not damages, make sure everything is kept running and the grass mowed. He is tired.

He has slowly and gradually cleaned out a lot of the things that needed thrown away and we simply do not have the room to keep anything.
He has let me take some of the small things to list in my Etsy shop since its a site for vintage or handmade items. For me, its just for fun. There is way too many little things I could add to my shop but I could also get overwhelmed, so I have to keep the inventory simple.

My first “go to” items are vintage linens. If you follow my blog you know I love vintage and retro linens. I had a stack of vintage aprons and smocks to add to my shop. I would lay them out, stack them up, fold them this way and that way, wash then iron them and fold and fiddle with them more. I just adore them. I Picked out a few of the smaller ones to give my little neices that never met these grandparents they come from.

Everytime I go to the estate, I see more things I want. I simply do not have room or use for most of it. If it’s too big to fit in my store closet, I will not take it. 

Nicks father collected antiques and his mom kept all her things from the 50s up. His father was also a vintage stock car racer and had lots of tidbits. 
He brought home boxes of old photo albums and other memorabilia we do not have a place for. I didn’t argue about it. I scratched my head and told him I’d figure out a way to store his memories. Now I have a couple boxes stuffed in a closet. I plan to clean and organize later after the holidays. I hate to see clutter. When you do not have a place to put things or are not organized, you get clutter. I refuse to let that happen. 

Anywho, I have been busy listing vintage things to my Esty shop. I am finally caught up. It takes a while to search the names and value of items that are antique or vintage. 

Incase you ever wondered the difference, I had to look it up too...
Antique- Items that are usually over 100 years old.
Vintage- Items over 50 years old. Some say over 25 years old is vintage but industry professionals will say 50. (So technically I'm not vintage yet).
Retro- Not always old but refers to a style or fashion from the past. (I love the modern retro styles from the 70’s).

I’d love for you to visit my Etsy shop and take a look around at the few things I have listed so far. Looks like my handmade crochet items have taken the back seat for now.

Enter my Etsy shop from the page tab at the top of my blog or click HERE

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  1. That is a very big job getting reading for an estate auction. Hope all goes well.
    I'm baking your snickerdoodle bread recipe right now. : ) Smells soooo good. Sure looking forward to tasting it in a little while.
    Also keep forgetting to tell you that I tried the Baby Oil Cream that you recommended and I love it. Thanks.

  2. I'll go take a look at your shop now! I cleared out my father's (small) estate a few years back - he moved in to an assisted living facility and couldn't take most of it with him - and there was a lot of... junk. It is exhausting, hoping it all goes smoothly for your husband & family.

  3. Oh! That is a BIG job, Lisa, and I don't envy you one bit. I did a bunch of our grandparents'things last year when I started unboxing things...some trash...some treasures. It was bittersweet to let some of it go but, like you, I don't want the clutter of keeping things. xo Diana

  4. Oh how things have changed over the years. Many many years ago there were enough children to absorb the parents earthly goods. But now WE all have so much 'stuff' there is no space to keep it.basements are filled and garages cannot be used because it is storage. I even find the same living in a motor home, every spare bit of room is used.
    Best to you and Bro. Nick as y'all fight the good fight. (I am sure the old racing stuff gets Nick's motor running!)
    Love from down Florida way
    Sherry & jack

  5. It makes me afraid. Seeing all the nick nacky things my mother in law has and knowing her son will be inheriting all her things which she treasures has me shaking in my boots. We both have such different decorating styles and I'm not a nick nack person. Luckily she's not going anywhere soon and is a very viable person so I needn't worry just yet. As for my own parents, My sister and I already made a pack to let our brothers go at it. My dad has so many tools and things boarder line hoarder and my mom is very organized. I feel for your husband and his brother, times have really changed like Jack69 mentioned kids now a days don't need their parents things, which I need to keep in mind for my own children haha.
    Hang in there! I'll check out your Etsy blog

  6. Wow! No doubt you are will be kept busy for a while as you continue going through things. Good luck at the auction! I agree with you wholeheartedly… Things in my home need to have a place… If they don't have a place then they are clutter! I am so on the verge of becoming a hoarder already! Have a great night!

  7. We sold and gave away most of the stuff from my mom’s house when she died.
    We took a few things that we special to us and let the rest go.

  8. What a shame that you can't save everything you want from their house, but I get it because our house is barely 1000 sq. ft. We're lucky that we have an attic the full footprint of the house.

    I will have to check out your Etsy shop.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and introducing yourself.