What is Your Why?

We all make goals for ourselves. For me it was to lose 30 pounds. I went above that goal and lost 50. I did this with *Nutrisystem. I'm not going into my whole speech about how great this diet works or how good it makes me feel. You can simply find that information on one of the page tabs at the top of my blog.

I'm posting today about one of the struggle most dieters go through. I am guilty too. 

I have not fallen off the diet, but those pieces of moms cakes have started getting bigger on my plate.
My hula hoop routines have turned into arm workouts using the recliner handle.
My three mile walks have turned into half miles walks around the grocery store.
You get it? Need I say more? Ok ill say it......I put on an extra eight pounds that I do not want.
My pants have started getting snug, my energy level is low and I am feeling that low self esteem creeping up on me.

It's hard. I work alone in a tiny office eight hours a day. I do not get a lot of motivation to do anything for myself. I simply do not have extra money to join a gym or hire a fitness trainer. It's easy to get depressed, to envy others and just loose all hope of ever bettering myself.

I have to ask myself "what is my why?' I had a reason for dieting in the first place. There was a “why” I made that choice. For me, it was to be able to wear those cute outfits again, to get my energy back and to have a healthier lifestyle. I put a lot of work into getting there so why would I want to just let it go?

So, I refuse to let cake and recliners win. I'm grabbing the bull by the horns and plan to push myself harder to get that extra eight lbs off. I love that I have Nutrisystem foods stocked up and my Nutrisystem friends are always there to motivate me. 

Dieting is a life style change. I compare it to a drinkaholic. You simply can not give into what destroys you. You have to stay away from the temptations (that's why I have not had a Krispy Kreme doughnut since Jan 2015). You have to always fight to stay on track. We have to push ourselves to be better and not fall back into bad habits. Only we can make this decision. 

So if your trying to reach a goal and feel like giving up, put your hat back on on remember why you started in the first place. 

*Expect to lose 1-2 lbs on Nutrisystem


  1. WHY? Yep it is easy to fall-back because it is familiar. I smiled when my friend Betty posted she had lost 48 lbs(methinks) out in AZ, with the help of Nutrisystems. I immediately thought of you and your dedication. Betty works at home and seems to me to be even tougher than 'going to a workplace'. Sherry and I have always tried to keep our weight down and therefore have NEVER faced a BIG hill to climb but we both remain about the same and continually say 'I need to lose 5-8 pounds, but we never do. 'WHY?' is a good question. Well today I have put on a pot of veggie soup my question will be (After I eat 3 bowls with corn bread, WHY did you do that? Portions stupid, that is the answer.
    I listen sometimes but mostly not!
    Good one, 'tis cool down here in Florida and our refer is cold with a 'little' smell!

  2. Man I totally get it. I went off sweets for nine months or so and was really pleased with the changes it made in my weight but I've been letting myself dabble again and once I get started it's all down hill and this time of the year is so tempting with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas ugg! I need to get back and stay away again! I do go to the gym at least four times a week so there is that haha
    Hang in there!

  3. You've done it before & you can do it again!!

  4. don't be too hard on yourself. . be happy to be in your own skin whatever the weight.

  5. You are only human, ya know. Everyone does this at some time or another. You are very wise to tackle it at 8 lbs instead of 18....

    Now. are you still doing crocheted pony tail warm hats? If so, how much ? and could you have a few, like 10 done by Christmas Eve ? I want to give my girls all one and remembered you made some for awhile. I would rather pay you than anyone I know. Please just let me know so I can ask someone else if you are already booked. xoxo

  6. I had to realize my why a few years ago. I started self doubting. I think we all can feel insecure, but don't be so hard on yourself. I had to learn that I'm doing the best I can in different areas of my life and that keeps me focused and motivated. Happy November Lisa! :)