Wave Ring

I have been wanting a “wave” ring. So I went online and started shopping.

The more I looked at them, the more the do-it-yourself-er in me said, “Hey I can just make one of these!” So I jumped online to find some directions and within two clicks, I found an instructional video. Seriously, you can find anything on Google or Pinterest now days.

I jumped from my recliner and told my my husband I would be in my craft closet if he needs me. Yes, I have a craft closet not a craft room, but that's a good thing. I would have a mess if I had a whole room. This is where I store my paints, ribbons, buttons and other crafty stuff. I really do not do that many crafts, well, unless an idea strikes, like this ring idea

After about 30 minutes of finding my roll of wire and the tools I needed, I started on the ring. I bent and twisted a two inch wire until I had what appeared to be a wave, or in my mind looked like a shark fin. At this point I knew I needed to stick to crochet and leave the jewelry making to someone else. 

While It looks ok in the picture, I did not have the right kind of wire. What I used was too thin. I wore it to work the next day but did not like how it felt. It was too flimsy and as fidgety I am, I had it bent all out of shape. I got the general idea of how to make one but I refused to keep trying. My patience are only about 30 minutes long. 

The next evening I went online and ended up ordering one from a shop in California. I chose not to pay a lot for it and I did not care what it was made of really. However, It will be a 925 piece (which means it 92.5% silver) and I’m sure I will enjoy it longer than what I can make myself.

Now I have to wait for it to get through the California fires and should be here sometime during the first week of December.

Instructional video I used for my DIY Wave Ring- found HERE.
Ring Purchased- found at The Vault Silver.


  1. Such a beautiful, simple and classy ring! Happy Friday babe!

  2. Ah ha, I have never heard of the wave ring, but yep it does look like a wave. I can understand a beach girl wanting one. BUT you do get an A for effort in making one. I can't even believe you tried!
    BUT I reckon being Ms. CRAFTY you will try stuff other would not. I do like the entry. neat!
    Cool but warming today down here......
    Sherry & jack

  3. You amaze me that you even attempted to make one of these yourself, great try!!

  4. You did a great job with the wave ring Lisa! It's so pretty!

  5. Looks good to me.
    I love my craft closet too. : )

  6. I thought the one you made looked great but understand if it wasn't comfortable.
    Now, of course, I want one, too. Do 80, going on 81 in 30 days, wear wave rings...???