Acorn Squash-Two Ways

Today I want to introduce a new food I discovered. The Acorn Squash. Now if that name does not scream Fall, then I don't know what does.

I have seen Acorn squash in the grocery stores but I have never tried them. They just always looked like an ornamental gourd to me and I had no desire to eat one. I want to add new foods to my diet so I thought I'd give this baby a try.

As I looked around online for directions on how to cook them, I also seen several recipes. It started getting interesting. I never knew these things had such a good reputation.

I experimented with recipes and created this delicious way to enjoy an Acorn squash.

Cutting it in half was the hardest part. Seriously.

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Preheat oven to 475.
Cut the acorn squash in half and scooped out the seeds. 
(I put the seeds aside for roasting).
Coat the inside and outside of the squash with melted coconut oil 
Place on a cookie sheet or shallow baking dish.
Add a layer of cinnamon to the inside.
Bake 45-55 minutes or until soft when pierced with a fork.
Remove from oven and.........

The squash is good just like it is at this point. It has the same flavor as a sweet potato but sweeter! This will make a great side to any dish. 

But lets make it better.....

Trust me on this one.
Add vanilla Greek yogurt to the center. 
Mix a little so the flavors of the cinnamon combine in with the yogurt. 
Drizzle with Honey and top with walnuts.

OH MAN this was soo good. I do not like yogurt, much less vanilla yogurt but something about this mixture was so sweet and delicious, my tongue almost slapped my forehead.

I would consider this either a breakfast or a dessert.
YES! Squash for breakfast. Bring it on.

Since discovering that these acorn squash taste like sweet potato, I did something different with the other half. I added some melted butter and marshmallows. I placed it back in the oven to brown the marshmallows. It tasted like a little personal sweet potato casserole.

I got a thumbs up on both from Nick. It was a toss up between which one tasted better. Both were as good as the other but I think I liked the yogurt way best as it was more healthy in my opinion.

Oh about the seeds.

I salted and roasted them in the oven for about 15 minutes.They made a great snack to nibble on while dinner was being prepared.


  1. Wow, I have to admit I've never attempted anything with an acorn squash either - heck I just discovered the merits of Butternut squash last year - this sounds great!

  2. All 3 ways sound great!!

  3. I love winter squash - Acorn Squash I usually cut in 'rings' and roast. Yummm!

  4. We tried this years ago but never kept in our food chain. BUT you make it sound better than I remember, i think I would like the plain with butter and cinnamon. I might just try that, however the yogurt with walnuts sounds GREAT!
    Nice down here today with a few showers.
    Sherry & jack

  5. I like acorn squash just roasted. Never had it like a dessert before. : ) Looks delicious.

  6. I love acorn squash! I love ALL squash! I don't cut mine in half, though. I cook it whole and then cut it and finish it off with whatever way I'm making it. I love your recipe and will be trying it pretty soon!!

  7. I love squashes! Acorn is delicious and butternut squash is too, I'm making a butternut squash soup soon, and love the yogurt idea you have here, I love yogurt too! Sounds so good!
    Jess xx

  8. I have always loved acorn squash, it’s my favorite of all the squashes, lol. These look scrumptious!

  9. Dang! I’m looking for one of these baby’s.