I Think I'm weird

As I get older, the more the thought of germs bother me. After doing a lot of shopping and food swapping the past couple days It's made me more concerned that I may have a problem. Some may think I'm a little weird and they may be right but I think we all have some weird ways about us that others can't seem to understand.

I think I may be a germaphobic.

Here are a few examples:

  • I do not like to sit on fabric chairs in a waiting area or movie theater. 
  • We want even talk about hotel beds.
  • In a restaurant, I will not touch the edge of the table or chairs where my fingers may touch underneath. 
  • Speaking of restaurants, I cringe when they wipe the seats and table with the same cloth.
  • I will not eat any foods at a pot luck or covered dish dinner unless I know who's kitchen it came from. 
  • I do not want to eat food from someone with cats. yea, I have had cats and I know how they shed and jump on counters. I know I'd wipe it clean but I don't know about others.
  • If I see you messing with your hair in the kitchen, I will loose my appetite.
  • I keep hand sanitizer with me all the time in case someone shakes my hand. I'd rather be hugged.
  • I cringe when someone lets their dog kiss their face. Dogs lick themselves. eeeesh!
  • I use a shower house when I go camping, but freak out if I touch the wall! and Flip flops will be worn at all times in there. 
  • I will not eat foods that look like they were handled a lot in preparation, such as decorative cookies or desserts with lots of creativeness put in them. 
  • I will not try on a hat in a store.
  • I can't wait to get home and wash my feet after trying on shoes and I will no try shoes on barefooted. 
  • Don't ask me if you can try my shoes on. It bothers me.
  • I will eat at a buffet but I constantly think about who's touching what. 
  • I have to wash my hands after I make my plate because of the germs on all those spoon handles everyone shares. 
  • I will pull and push public doors open with my elbows or sleeves if at all possible. 
  • I always wash my grocery buggy down with wipes then head to the produce for a plastic bag to cover the buggy handle. 
  • and if you as much as hiccup around me during flu season, I might mace you with Lysol.

Well? Am I normal? or am I weird? I do not go into panics and I hid my concerns when I am out with friends and family but the concern is still there. It may not be really a Phobia. It's just a figure of speech. 

The only time I do not feel the phobia is around my husband or daughter. I have a strong stomach as a caring mother and wife and can handle any of their sicknesses accidents or boo boos like a boss!


  1. I share some of your 'concerns'. I, too, won't eat potluck unless I know the kitchen it came from (and sometimes then I choose not to eat it)...lol

    I am the same way about restaurant tables...yuck---

    God bless you as you go through the week-and I hope you don't have a germy week- xo Diana

  2. Nope not weird at all considering I was nodding my head at all of these!! Totally get it! Hate when people ask to try on my shoes!!!

  3. So you lean weird. Big deal. Duh. I don't know a 'normal' person. Certainly none in my family.

    Hey...I'm a Libertarian. How weird is that?

  4. Yes you are weird, like a lot of folk I know. I am the only one normal. My son is almost as weird as you are. Sherry just said, "He might just be a little weirder!"
    All that said, in our travels it is nice to sleep in our OWN bed every night. My girl will wash the sheets if she can before sleeping in a bed. LOL
    But me? I'm weird! None of that stuff bothers me.

    Normal? I am not sure anyone knows NORMAL!!!! ;-)

  5. I swear it's almost like I wrote this list! I share many of the same qualities as you. I think as people we should be more socially aware of our surroundings and the germs we come across. I don't you weird at all, you're just being careful, and I think that's really smart.

  6. I do wash my hands often and try to keep them away from my face but am not really all that concerned about all the germs. I think being exposed to some of these things builds up a tolerance to them.

  7. you need to build up a tolerance to some of these things by being exposed to them. but what works for you. works for you.

  8. I handle money every day at work. I have a tolerance built. haha.