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DIY Wallflower Bud Vases

We are finally getting some Spring like weather here in North Carolina. The afternoons are now warm despite the chilly mornings. Getting myself to go out and walk in the mornings have been brutal for me. I’d rather do my walks in the afternoon when its warmer. Now I can as the days are beginning to stay daylight longer.

When I go outside now, I enjoy seeing all the new growth on the trees and the flowers blooming. I am already seeing bees looking for pollen and birds fighting for a mate. I love Spring time.

Speaking of flowers, I found a perfect idea for little bud vases. 

We are always buying air fresheners for our Wallflower plugins by Bath & Body works. I had a few of the empty glass fragrance bottles hanging around in the cabinet so I could remember the fragrances I liked best.
While cleaning out the old bottles the other day, I decided to turn a few of them into tiny bud vases. I am all about recycling things when I have a chance.

With a pair of needle nose pliers, I gently removed the plugged openings and gave them a good wash and rinse. Then I put in some fresh water and a cut flower. So far the flowers have stayed bloomed all week. These vases will give me something to put my little flowers in that I pick along my afternoon walks. Yes, I’m that person. 

These vases would be perfect used for a fine dinner or wedding reception. You can use them for place markers on the tables for guest.
They are also pretty simply sitting on a window seal. 

I plan to use mine in a decorative tray as I decorate for Spring.

What are some other ways you can use bud vases? 

It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas

Finally, It’s beginning to look like Christmas in the house. I usually do not do a lot of decorating because sadly, no one ever visits. Of course, I could cook or have a party and they would come but no on ever just “drops by”.

When my daughter was in for the weekend, I turned on the Christmas music and we decorated the Christmas tree and did a little cooking. While she finished the tree up, I headed to the den to decorate the mantle. I looked for black and white buffalo plaid to use with my accented reds throughout the house. I could not find what I was looking for, so I grabbed a table cloth, pot holders and a couple ornaments in the red and black gingham. It will have to do for now. Again, who's gonna see?

After we settled down for the night, we painted a couple cookie cutter style ornaments that she brought home for us to do. She always liked to paint ornaments since she was little. I will hold on to that as long as I can.

It was fun catching up on drama and giggling a bit. Nick was somewhere in the house hiding. I tell ya, we wear his ears out when shes home. It’s like having a best friend in the house. 

We skipped the black Friday mobs and headed out early Saturday morning for some shopping. First stop was to the restored Loray Mill for “shop small business Saturday”. There were lots of craft vendors. Here is my daughter checking out the breads and pastries. 

I purchased a tomato pie to try. After the small shopping at the mill, we headed to the mall and a few other places before eating lunch at McAlisters.

I had the half turkey ruben with tortilla soup. It was so good and just the perfect portion.

It was a busy weekend and its not going to lighten up anytime soon. There seems to be something going on every weekend from now until Christmas. 
But on a good note. I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping. If I can just stop buying myself something every time I go out, then maybe I’d be better off.