Moji Teahouse

Have you ever had Mochi ice cream? I have had Mochi ice cream before and love it. You can actually purchase Mochi Ice Cream at the groceries stores. It’s basically balls of ice cream wrapped in a chewy rice dough and frozen. You can eat it with your fingers. 

Well, there is a place I have been wanting to try called Moji TeaHouse. They make Mochi doughnuts. I had a Saturday free and figured this would be a good time to visit so I called up my daughter.  She had been wanting to try it too, so she looked up the directions. It just so happened to be right next to the outlets. So we made plans to meet at the Charlotte Premium Outlets first to do a little shopping and then headed to Moji Teahouse. It was a small little place with limited flavors of Mochi doughnuts.

Mochi Doughnuts are a cross between traditional doughnuts and Japanese mochi. Again, mochi a chewy rice dough. Mochi Doughnuts are deep fried then covered with an assortment of flavors. 

Moji Teahouse also serves bubble teas which is another thing I like. I purchased the pink one for breast cancer awareness. It was a sweet milk tea with raspberries and came in a cute can inspired signature cup. 

Bubble tea is a milk tea with boba. Boba is made from tapioca pears or cassava starch. It’s a perfect Tiawanese drink. 

What are my thoughts on the doughnuts? 

Not what I expected. I thought they would be filled with something but they were not. They were not sweet either. The texture was chewy and flavorless. I probably will never want them again but I just had give them a try.

As far as the bubble tea. It was really good. My daughter got a caramel flavored one and it was even better. 


  1. Well I will say you and your daughter are at the least, adventurous. I had never heard of this mochi. I guess it is a good thing to be food adventurous, but of course I am not too much so. BUT I stay out of Charlotte (or any big city) as much as possible.
    I do know Charlotte is expanding ALL avenues and food is one. My if it had been in Belmont, I might have heard of it. LOL

    Love from Florida, we look for alerts from 'Life Away From the Office Chair', and smile when we see them. Sorta like a window back home.....
    Sherry & jack in Florida

  2. I've never heard of mochi but it looks yummy.
    Hope your hair is growing back - still saying a prayer each morning for you.

  3. I thought it was just me! I was so excited when a new mochi donut place opened but was totally underwhelmed. They seemed kind of weirdly greasy to me.

  4. I have never head of mochi but it looks good. Glad your hair is growing back. Since I started taking Collagen/Peptides my hair has grown back like crazy. It took about 3 months to see the results but I am so happy with it. I lost a lot of hair after taking a medication that had that adverse side effect (for me-of course it didn't bother "most" people). lol
    Have a blessed weekend. xo Diana