Office Lunch

Last week, My bossman took us three ladies in the office out to lunch. We put an “Out of Office” sign on the door and headed down town. 
We had reservations at Barristers in the Esquire Hotel. You may remember me talking about this place a couple years ago when I took my husband here for his birthday. I was not to impressed then, but it was new. The prices were high and the plates came out with only enough food to feed and elf.  
Things have changed since then.

The wait staff was more personable, the music was different and you got more on your plate. I could not help but admire the new outdoor seating area. The have it gated to keep out the people from the streets. 

The walls were covered with a trellis of new plant growth beginning to climb as Spring reaches close. 

I ordered the grilled feta cheese sandwich with red peppers on sour dough bread and a side of squash. When we finished our meal, we ordered a piece of chocolate caked to share. It was absolutely delicious. 

The restaurant sits on the main floor of the the Esquire hotel. Before we left, the waiter took us on a tour of the coffee house they had recently opened on the bottom (basement) floor. It was called “The Notary”.

Until two years ago, this building had been empty forever. One of my blogger friends, Jack over at the shipslog blog, is from around this area too and may remember this building as the “Lawyers Building” and had a bank of the main floor. This was before my time. 

The hotel also has a has a roof top lounge and it has always been a goal of mine to get to the roof of this building. Unfortunately, the waiter would not let us go up there this day due to some construction still going. I see my rooftop visit in the near future. 

I’m glad we have this little elegant spot in the heart of town and I’d like to see more nice places open around here. It has always been such a ghost town and magnet for homeless people and drug addicts. Things seem to be changing a little. I hope. 


  1. What a nice place. Love the outdoor eating area! Oh my that chocolate cake looks delicious.

  2. We were here earlier today and Sherry said, we had better head for church. I am just getting back. We never did make it to church, I was sneezing and doing some coughing, thought it better to come back here.
    Anyway this was interesting. I remember the other trip you made here and even then I was surprised to that they had done to the building.
    The designing is very COOL. It has a strong solid appeal. I know you will make it to the top one day, the food pics are good.
    I just sent our taxes off. I expect to hear back on my forms and might ask for suggestions as to who can fix my errors. LOL
    I am glad the portions were more satisfactory at Barristers this time. I do hope they stay there long enough to become a landmark. Our down towns seen something.
    Love from a COOL FLorida!!
    PS: Office dinners are usually good all the way around for morale.

  3. Looks a very nice place indeed. The lunch also looks good too. I am glad for you they changed the size of their portions. That really is something that totally annoys me;expensive and two swallows and its gone! I would have had to ignore the chocolate cake not that I don't like cake or chocolate I do!! Chocolate is a no,no for me at present. keep well Amanda x