A Day in NoDa

This past weekend, my husband had to work on Saturday and I was off. I had the whole day to myself. However, I didn't spend it alone. I made a drive to Charlotte, NC to visit my daughter. When I arrived she asked me what I wanted to do. I told her to decide as I know nothing about the area. She said, “Mom, I’d like to show you around Noda. This is a little area of town in North Davidson. (hence the name Noda). 

It was a poor looking town full of street vendors and lots of artwork on the buildings. Or should I say graffiti. It was so colorful. Even the sidewalks were panted. 

We found a place to park that was metered at 7.00 a day. So we took it. Every where you park in Charlotte, you have to pay. 
We parked and walked around the little town. I have never seen so many odd and purple haired people in my life. I think people like that are “artsy”.

We were getting hungry and she wanted to try a little place she heard was good so we stopped in. The hostess took us to our table and handed us the lunch menu. It was really expensive with foods we could not pronounce, so we politely got up and left. 
We ended up at a more familiar place called Cabo Fish Taco. She ordered the shrimp tacos and I had a southwestern chicken wrap. It was delicious.

We found a cat cafe in the upstairs of a building. This was a place you could enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while sitting in a room of free roaming cats.

We did not go all the way in and just viewed it from the window. I thought it was rather nasty. And we didn’t want to visit the magic shop next to it. I was already weirded out. 

This guy was making quite a bit of money playing his guitar on the street. I love to listen to these folks play.

This was a vegan restaurant that served outside. If it was not so cool outside, we would have eaten here for the fun of it. Yes that is swing seats. 

Before we left, we walked across the road to see the “dog bar”. This is were people could sit and enjoy a beer while their dogs played. It was so funny. There were many different kinds and sizes of dogs running around playing together. You could even see a few girl dogs in the corner talking about all the other dogs. Haha. 

The bad thing that happened was while we were walking, I stepped in dog poop in my new Hey Dude shoes Twice! Once I realized I stepped in it, I stepped back and into another pile with the other foot. Luckily I was able to get it cleaned off. We had a good laugh and ended the day with a trip to Trader Joes and bubble tea.

Speaking of Hey Dude shoes. They are absolutely the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. My husband even got himself a pair. 

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  1. Doesn't sound like the nicest of places to visit! However,I'd definitely stop to listen to any street musicians and admire graffiti art. I imagine those arty districts are similar to here so they are usually good places to find something unusual for a gift or other. The main thing though is that you had a good time with your daughter.
    I think I heard/read somewhere that it is good luck to step in dog pooh...:-) keep well Amanda x

  2. NODA, I must give it a LOL. I am not sure but don't think we have had the pleasure. BUT of course I have heard the term thrown around by folks in this area of NC. You had me 'skeered', I was about to tell Sherry you had coffee with cats!!! I shoulda 'knowed' better. I do love street musicians and 'actors' very famous in San Francisco, London and New Orleans. I guess the idea is spreading to most large cities.
    I am always amazed at the talent of 'graffiti' artists. I am amazed that people who wander around in areas like that do not clean up after their dogs. Back in the days of my youth stepping in dog poop was not unusual and I hated it. :=(.
    I always enjoy your entries though.
    Sherry just informed me we had been to NODA to view our Granddaughter's art booth. So YEAH I have been there but evidently it was during some of my SENIOR moments. LOL

    Love ya
    Sherry & jack

  3. Sounds like a most unusual town - but interesting!! Nice that you got to spend the day with your daughter. :)

  4. I've been wanting a pair of those shoes and keep forgetting the name. Nifty little town too!

    1. They are absolutely the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn!