Crochet Chapstick Cozy

I took a break from big crochet projects to do some small things. I have been busy Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts and tidying up the house for Christmas.

Speaking of wrapping gifts, every year I wrap up some little gifts for the girls.
“The girls” are my daughters friends. One is her roommate and one is her best friend from college. The three are inseparable. Every year they pick a night during Christmas to set out a little tree , pull out the Christmas movies and bake cookies. I make sure they have some little gifts under their tree to have fun opening. They are addressed "from Santa". 

This year I got each one of them a planner, some beauty accessories then added a chapstick to top it off. My daughter is always looking for her lost chapstick, so an idea hit me. I decide to crochet each of their chapsticks a little chapstick cozy (aka holder). 

I told Nick my plan and he gave me a funny look. “You just watch me” I said as I flipped open my iPad and searched for a pattern.

Bingo! I found several different patterns, so I had to decide which worked best for me.
After fiddling around with my yarn and crochet needle, three tiny chapstick cozies were born. 

I showed them to Nick and he was surprised. He thought they were rather cool.
I finished the cozies off by adding a key ring to the top and packed them neatly with each gift. 

My daughter texted me once they opened their gifts. They giggled and thought the crochet cozies were the best. 

It was just a little something fun to add to the mix. Now maybe my daughter can keep up with her chapstick and leave mine alone. 

Crochet Chapstick Cozy (free) pattern can be found HERE.


  1. You are one of the most creative people I know!!

  2. These are just the cutest ~~ Now I am going to google and see if I can find some for my girls...

  3. Yeah, you're cool. 'you ain't got a full deck' but you B cool. What a neat idea. someone will be glabberfasted when they see this. Plus the CS won't be cold at Christmas.
    Sherry & jack

  4. Oh wow, Lisa they are just the cutest and so creative of you. I love them and I would like to try making one too!

  5. Lisa you seriously amaze me with your crochet skills - these are adorable!!! My daughter could use one too so she would stop stealing my chapsticks!!!

  6. Oh what a cute idea. Such a nice gift.

  7. I love those. You are sooo talented.

  8. These are so cute Lisa! You're very creative!

  9. How adorable Lisa. You are so talented. Congrats on winning the MacKenzie Child’s tote. I hope you Reenjoying the holidays. Xo