End of Year Post

This is my last post for 2018.
I’d like to thank you all for reading and/or following my blog from all over the world. 

Every comment I received, brought a smile to my face. 

I have made many new friends 
and look forward to making a lot more in the new year to come.

I have enjoyed all of your great stories, beautiful photos and interesting ideas.
I’d also like to thank all of the companies and brands that have given me the opportunity 
to share my honest reviews through my blog and social media.
I can not wait to continue into the next year with all of you at my fingertips.
I wish you all a safe and Happy New Years Eve.


  1. What a beautifully written post Lisa! I've enjoyed reading your blog this year, and getting to know you! Also thank you for the lovely birthday shout out on IG, and for the Goose Creek Candle information. I appreciate it! I wish you a wonderful 2019! Happy New Year!

  2. I promise to write the best book I can!!

  3. Happy New Year Lisa!! Isn't it amazing how we meet all these new friends all over the world, just through blogging?

  4. A delightful Brad Paisley quote. And your gnomes below are so cute. Wishing you peace and joy in the new year. You have a lovely blog with many creative ideas.


  5. Good one sweet lady. I always enjoy my visits here. For us it is a touch of home and a visit with a friend. The best to you and Brother Nick. Hold the fort down and keep GAston Co. alive. I was born in South Gtown.
    Sending New Years Wishes.
    Sherry &jack