Meet My Gnomies

I did not do a whole lot of crocheting for my Etsy shop this Christmas season. I wanted to take a break. During December, I am usually swamped with orders, so when I get off work, I hardly have time to do anything else but create and fill orders.
I worked on my own time this season. I still sold a lot of things out of my shop but no custom orders were made except one thing for my sister. It was nice not having any demands.

For fun I created some little crochet gnomes. They were easy and I was able to make them using scrap yarn that was not enough to make anything else. They only took a few hours to make so I crocheted while watching Hallmark movies. I picked up the crochet hook and began single stitching using my imagination.

I crocheted in rounds and increased until I got the width I wanted for the bottom. Then I continued crocheting around and around until I got the depth of the body and then began to decrease the stitches to close it up. Before closing it all the way, I filled the body with rice and finished it off.

For the hat, I also crocheted in the rounds but increased every couple rows to give it the cone shape until I reached the length I needed. But the fella needed a beard so I looped on strands of yarn to the crochet of the body and unraveled the yarn to created a puffy beard. Then I sewed the hat to the body covering the knots where the beard was attached. Oh and then I made a little nose.

If you do not crochet this just sounded Greek to you, but are they not the cutest little creatures? Gnomes were all over the stores this season and this gave me the idea to make a couple. I have one left in my shop and may make a few more when I get some free time.

My sister asked if I would make her a gnome.
This gnome is slightly smaller than the other ones as it too was made from scrap yarns. Once I completed it, I added some special touches to it.

My sister loves butterflies so I crocheted some tiny butterflies using crochet thread and sewed them on the nose and hat. 
She seemed to love it and named it Scrappy.

I did not follow any pattern but if you would like to make one of these for yourself. Below is a link that will lead you to the pattern that inspired me.


  1. They are adorable!!

  2. I love your cute gnomes you crocheted Lisa. I would love to try and make one in the new year.

  3. Who woulda thunk it? You are the imaginary! (SMILE) Have a great day.
    From Florida
    Sherry & jack (this confuser ain't working rite today!) hope this goes.

  4. Those are absolutely adorable, Lisa!!!! You are so talented! Did I tell you my daughter works for Etsy now? She absolutely loves it, they are a fabulous company!

  5. They are so cute Lisa! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, now I can follow your blog. You make lovely stuff. All the best for 2019. X Annemarie