Crochet Holes

I enjoy wearing my holey distressed jeans. If you follow my blog, you may have read how I distressed my own jeans. I will go shopping for new jeans and can’t hardly find any that are not full of holes and look like they have been in a bull rink. I just refuse to pay high prices for ripped jeans. But then, again, they are my favorite. Go figure.

Last night as I was itching for something to crochet. I seen my jeans laying in the stack of clean clothes that my husband had just folded. Yes I have a wonderful husband that does the laundry a lot. He also washes dishes. We are good at sharing chores.

As I was looking at my worn out jeans, A thought crossed my mind of crocheting a patch on one of the bigger holes. When I get a thought, I have to attempt the process or it will drive me crazy. I found some instructions online then pulled out my yarn and hook and crocheted a hole. 
[Husband rolls eyes]. 

I like how they turned out and it gives them some unique character. Distressed and holey jeans are fun to wear when the weather is too warm for pants but too cool for shorts. 

I remember back in the day we would wear holes in the knees of our jeans and mom would sew patches on them. We did not go anywhere with holes in our pants. We also used to wear our jeans until they were too short, then mom cut them off to make shorts. The cut off part would go into the scrap barrel and used for more patches in the future. 
Clothes were not thrown out and wasted like they are today. 

Crochet pattern can be found HERE.


  1. that looks cool. you are setting a new trend.

  2. How incredible brilliant. These are super cool, come do my jeans, lol! I remember the patches too.

  3. Such cute idea! Now I have to go learn how to crochet!!! LOL!

  4. Torn clothes? crazy. It has always amazed me that someone would pay for jeans that were torn. We met 'Alligator Ed' once at a Florida RV park. He sells 'Shot Gun' Jeans. Jeans he has shot with 'buckshot'. Weird. I can SEE SOMEONE 'DISTRESSING' their own, but of course you being unique would come up with this. I like it. (big smile), you are one creative lady. This should be a trend setter!
    Sherry and jack

  5. Lisa that looks amazing, absolutely adorable!!!!

  6. Wow! These are wonderful ideas. I love the pants.

  7. I saw your holey jeans on Instagram. They would have been a hit in the 60s too:)

  8. what a great idea

  9. It is not often I see something on crochet that I have absolutely not seen anywhere before. I am going to show this to my 16 year old daughter. She loves her holey jeans, and I am always teasing her by saying I am going to patch them.