Fine Dinning

Where I come from, fancy eating is dinner around the dinning room table instead of the kitchen table using cloth napkins instead of paper.

As a Christmas present from my daughters boyfriend. He insisted on taking us out of our comfort zone and into a fancy swanky restaurant in uptown.
We did not know where he was taking us but we trusted him and agreed to go. 

We met at his house and he drove us uptown where the buildings were tall and the town was full of lights and action.
This is the first time Nick had ever let anyone drive him. He never lets me drive him anywhere and if we go anywhere with a group, he will drive his own car. So this was a pretty big shock to me and my daughter. 

Upon arriving at the restaurant we were met with a valet driver at the front door of none other than Ruth Chris Steakhouse. I have always heard about this place, but knew I’d never go unless taken there by surprise. Ha.

Our table was waiting and we sat down to dinner. After the price shock from the menu, I ordered my meal. I chose the Salmon, while everyone else had steak or chicken. We snacked on calamari while we waited. I almost forgot where I was as I reached in using my fingers. Nick tapped my hand and pointed at one of the two forks. 

Sides were ordered separately so we ordered four to share. I also enjoyed a glass of wine and It was not the cheap stuff.
I leaned over to my daughter and asked “are you not concerned about where your car is or who has it?” She responded with “well yea, I’ve never used valet parking before”. 

The wait staff worked hard to make every ones dining a pleasurable one. They kept our glasses filled and clean silverware by the plates. If we put our fork down, they immediately would replace it with a clean one and wiped any crumbs off the table ( I was seriously waiting on a back rub). 

The food was delicious. I think that is the best fish I ever had and Nicks steak was so tender you could cut it with a fork. We finished the meal off with a couple desserts. They said they were sharable in size. (Maybe for an elf). 

After dinner the car was waiting for us at the door, unharmed. 
This was definitely a nice treat and something different for us. We are very thankful and blessed to have such a good boyfriend in the family. 
You may be laughing at my excitement of fine dinning but in my town, we usually will eat a meal for two under twenty bucks. 


  1. Oh my goodness what an amazing night out! Valet parking to boot! I've never had a valet park my car before but we have dined at a Ruth Chis Steakhouse before. We were in Hawaii for our anniversary and ate our anniversary dinner there and they are everything you just said. They are so attentive and they even brought us out a complimentary dessert which was really nice. I'm so glad you have a wonderful boy for your girl and he has obviously been taught to be a gentleman. Your daughter is a lucky girl and I'm sure he feels the same way about her family!!

  2. Looks yummy, hope you had a great time together. Keep enjoying...

  3. What a sweet gesture for him to do for you guys. We go to our Ruth Chris every January to celebrate our two boy's birthday's and usually take my mom. Such a treat!

  4. What a sweet gesture! It sounds like you all had a great time!

  5. Sounds like a great place to eat.
    There is a Ruth Cris Steakhouse down where we used to live. Always was going to go but never did.

  6. Good luck on eating at Ruth's Chris for $20.00!! We go to the one in Beverly Hills every month or two. I love the blackened ahi appetizer. My favorite restaurant EVER!!

  7. That like a great experience. I love good food.