New Year New Goals


Hope everyone is doing great and recovering from the mid night activities. My husband and I went out for a nice dinner then back home to start the preparation for my annual family New Years Dinner. We are not fans of late night partying. We like to stay in and stay sober.

I started my morning off using this little New Years coaster I whipped up for fun.

Crochet pattern HERE.

I love having a coaster under my coffee mug so it doesn't clank on the table.

Later, we will be enjoying a feast of meat, black eye peas, collard greens, potatoes, macaroni n cheese, bread and dessert. When everyone comes, I can have a crowd of about 13 people. However, now that the nephews are all grown up, they can't be forced to come over and eat greens.

Do you make resolutions for the new year?
I don't make what I call resolutions but I do make goals for myself. Here are my top five.
I will always be adding new goals throughout the year.

1. I have lost the weight, now I want to get healthier.
My goal is to be able to run a mile without stopping, be able to do 50 sit ups by my 50th birthday, and loose another 10 lbs by Summer. I will also be taking more vitamins and collagen to help with my skin and muscles.

2. My car will be paid off in July.
My goal is to purchase a new one by Fall. I like to keep a new car so I never have to worry about putting money into always fixing an old one. I like warranty protection and new car smells.

3. I want to get more involved in blogging.
My goal is to get more involved as an influencer while still keeping my blog personal. 
I want to build my blog followers and reach out more.

4. Keeping up- I can never keep a planner going. I always fall short. I find it easier to just jot things down to remember other than adding them to a certain date on a calendar.
My goal is to start a bullet style journal using my new "Rocketbook" for keeping blog ideas, to do list, social media activities, and goals. I will keep using my Google calendar on my phone and iPad for appointments and events. This also keeps "Alexa" in the loop. haha.

5. Call me crazy, but I want to start a small Loofah garden.  I think it will be something different to try and fun results at the end.
My goal is to be able to actually get it to produce.

....Not sure about number five. Nick is over there shaking his head. Well, see. I have already bought the seeds.

Do you have any new plans for the new year? 


  1. Goals are good. You have already proven BIG TIME you have the 'stick to it' to make goals. NOW since I live under a rock,I had to ask my intelligent lady, "Honey, what is a Loofah?" "AW, you know. The thing I bath with!"
    I had to laugh, because many years ago here on the blog or the AOL Journal I mentioned I got in the shower with out a 'wash rag' and had to use that THING of Sherry's to wash with." I was complaining. "I received a note from my pastor that if I would let Sherry demonstrate the use of it in the shower, I would love it."
    I am still waiting for the BIG shower to try that in. hahahaha

    The best of luck to a wonderful person and her family in 2019!
    Sherry & jack

  2. Ok, you have piqued my interest.....a loofah garden? I never even heard of such a thing!!! I'm off to check that out!

  3. Happy New Year to you & Nick!!

  4. Hi Lisa, sounds like you have a good list going here, and not so hard to fulfill. Growing Loofah, that sounds fun, if I can find the seed I might do this with you. I don't know with our hot dry climate, if it would work or not and I've never researched how to grow them. Something to do in my spare time, LOL. I also lost a lot of weight last year and it is my goal to stop the yo-yo weight gain and keep it off this time. That and hopefully the extra exercise that I get during the spring and summer will help me get toned up more. Oh, to be turning 50 again, you are just a kid :)
    Here's to a happy and healthy new year, sweet friend.
    Connie :)

  5. The little coaster is so cute. Your New Year's list sounds like a good one. Thank you for following us, I appreciate that. I'm following you now as well. Wishing you peace and joy in 2019, and look forward to more of your sweet posts in the new year.


  6. Sounds like good goals for the new year.
    I am interested in your loofah garden. Going now to check out the link.

  7. Hi Lisa
    I do the same Lisa and write goals as well. I love your goals, and I am a person that likes to write in a notebook or journal some of my blogging ideas etc. Congrats on continued good health. Great goals there! I am looking for a treadmill, as mine conked out!
    have a great weekend!
    jess xx