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Silver Anniversary

Today is my silver anniversary.

25 years ago, on a Sunday afternoon, I was a bride walking down the isle in a wedding gown my Mother made me. It was long and straight, full of lace and beads and had a short train that swept behind me.

The preacher cut his sermon a few minutes short. Then for the next 30 minutes, friends and family would come filtering in as the rest of the congregation kept their seats. The wedding was set for 12:30.

There were no bridesmaids or groomsmen. His father was the ring barer. My two year old daughter was the mini bride and walked down the isle before me. She saw Nick standing at the alter and she took off running towards him with arms wide open and flower petals slinging everywhere. She held tight to his leg as I slowly approached him while holding my daddy tight on my arm.

Unfortunately, none of my friends came to my wedding. Only my boss lady and another work employee showed. Everyone else seated on my side, was family or church members.
However, The grooms side of the church was full of his friends and family and later became my friends too. It was sad but I really didn't notice until afterward. That's when I handed my sister my bouquet with tears in my eyes and said "here, your next", then we headed off to the reception.

The reception was a nice dinner prepared by my mother in law and mom. My mother made me the prettiest three tier wedding cake. To this day, my daughter will tell me she wants her maw maw to make her a cake like that one day.

We did not have a honeymoon. We didn't have a baby sitter and I had to go to work the next day. But we sure have made it up in the 25 years we have been married and I wouldn't have it any other way.

We plan to have a beach wedding and renew our vowels some day. We used to say we would do it at our 25th anniversary, but obviously, it's a little late for that now.
So now we are shooting for a renewal wedding at our 30th anniversary. It want be long because time flies when your having fun. Tonight we may go out for a nice dinner to celebrate. I'm not sure what he has up his sleeve for today.

We will continue to reach for the Gold as our marriage grows stronger every day.
I dream of many more anniversaries!

Husband Appreciation Day

Today is Husband Appreciation Day. I'm glad there is a day set aside for husbands.

I am not talking about those terrible abusive husbands. I have been there and if you have one of those, get out while you can. Seriously.

In today's world, I do not think husbands are getting enough appreciation. Husbands are more disrespected than ever. I see a lot of wives take for granted what the husbands do as if "that's what they are suppose to do". You see it in public. You see it on the news and you can see it in every sitcom on TV. The women seem to make all the rules and drag the husband roles to pity. They make husbands look dumb and try to glamorize women that are bossy and demanding. Women's heads are getting filled with the idea they do not even need a man anymore. When did this start happening? I don't know what I would do without mine.

If you have a husband that loves the Lord, helps make a home and makes sure you (and your children) have a roof over your head and food on the table, he needs to be appreciated. If he is unable to do any of those things yet is faithful to you and loves you, he needs to be appreciated. NEVER insult your husband or disrespect him, especially around the children or in public.

I grew up believing the man is meant to lead the home. Head of the household. Now I know that jobs, chores, money and time now days take both husband and wife equally, so call me old fashioned, but I think the man is the superior. Husbands also should respect their wives, I know that, but today is about husband appreciation.

“The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her.” 
Proverbs 31:11

I appreciate my Husband so much. He is always there for me. He takes care of me. I trust him. He is smart and knows a lot more than I do. I still get butterflies when I look into his eyes. I love going to bed with him each night and waking up to him each morning.
He lets me make my own decisions and is always there to back me. He is always there supporting me while I do my silly little things and try new ideas. Except for painting the kitchen. He will not let me do that but that's ok. I respect his decision. I am not one of those women who say "I don't care if you like it or not, I'm doing it anyway". Any big decisions are discussed and only played out if we both agree.

My husband makes sure I have things I want and always the things I need. He will have my lunch and snacks packed each day, makes my coffee each morning and makes sure my car is running before I head off to work. He watches as I pull away and is happy to see me when I get home. Sometimes he will walk around my car to make sure I didn't hit any nails in the road and reminds me when its time for an oil change. He worries about my safety and makes sure I am always protected weather it's with security when hes with me, or how my car is functioning when I'm out driving . He takes care of me and my daughter.

Are you married? If so, here are a few things to show your husband how much you appreciate him.
  • Forget about what's made you mad and find good things about your husband.
  • Never put him down to your friends or family. 
  • Look at him in the eyes when he talks. 
  • Listen to him.
  • Compliment him.
  • Do not interrupt him when he is talking.
  • Let him know how much you love him.
  • Tell him how thankful you are to have him.
  • Thank him for loving you.
  • Always give hugs and kisses.
  • Pray with him.
  • and Pray for him.  
Today and always, I hope you let your husband know how much he is appreciated. Make him feel good and feel important. A man needs to know you look up to him. If you do this, you may even find him doing the dishes or laundry later.

“The head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God. 
1 Corinthians 11:3

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EKG ♥ Bracelet

I'm excited to share with you something Ive been working on the past few days. Well, It didn't take a few days to make, but the idea swirled around in my head for days until I finally came up with the style that worked for me.

It's an EKG Bracelet. You can call it a heartbeat bracelet or pulse rate bracelet too.
This bracelet is special to me. Its delicately made using my daughters heart rhythm. She had a minor surgery two years ago. When she came out of surgery, she had a copy of her EKG laying beside her. I snatched it up quickly with the intentions of getting a tattoo that mimicked this design. Well, I can throw that idea out of my mind because this bracelet is far less painful and a whole lot prettier.

It took some patience to bend and twist the wire until it was just right. I will say, I am definitely not a jewelry maker. Look close, you will see many flaws.  I don't have the tools I need to perfect it. I made this using only some needle nose pliers.

I think Ill stick to crochet for now.

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Happy Valentines Day!

I love Valentines Day. I spent the past weekend with my daughter at school. We did some shopping and exchanged Valentines Gifts. I miss those days when she was little and I would make her Heart shaped pancakes and a Valentine goodie basket before she headed off to school. Then I could not wait to hear her stories when she came in that afternoon.

This year I made her a batch of heart shaped brownies.

She made us this wonderful turtle cake. It was delicious.


I decorated my mantle just a little. I didn't spend much time on it, I actually left the Christmas greens up and added some heartsy things I found laying around the house.

My daughter did the famous art piece you see.

For my Husband, I hand made him this little tiny book that can fit in his pocket. I hand wrote 100 reasons why I love him.

The book charm was hand made by LowderCreations. You can find them on her Etsy shop. She shows a standard size but will make it to the size you want. I fell in love with these little things and just knew it would work perfect for my project.

Hope everyone has a LOVELY day full of sweetness and surprises, meanwhile, I cant wait to spend the evening with my Husband and maybe come up with a 101 reason I love him. Ha!
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Cupid, Love and Valentines

Eros: The Greek God of love. Romans refer to him as Cupid (meaning desire).
He was born to Aprodite Goddess of Love and Ares the God of war. Imagine that. If you think about it, put all that together and you got todays world. Erotic, desire, God, love, war..etc.

Ok, that was my little Greek Mythology lesson for today. Sorry Dad.
I remember my Dad used to hate it when we would study Greek Mythology at school. Little did he know, I loved this subject. I found it interesting but only Myths (like fairy tales) and knew it had no biblical reference. 

Back to cupid....
Cupid, as we call him, is a well known imaginary half naked angel that comes around on Valentines Day and shoots people with his arrow and makes them fall in love. Silly isnt it? Even though Valentines is not a religious day, its a day to show kindness and love with chocolate, candy, flowers, cards, doughnuts.......opps. Ok I got carried away.
Anyway, Since we really don't have a little Cupid around now days, I try to spread the love myself. I do all kinds of little things in the days leading up to Valentines Day. Here are just a few things.

One of favorite things during this time of year is my heart shaped muffin pan.
 I like to bake heart shaped muffins.

Its always been a tradition that I make my daughter heart shaped pancakes on Valentines morning.
She is away at college and will miss them this year. However, I did send her a Valentine care package. I ate these heart shaped pancakes myself.

Thanks to Reese's.......
I could not resist the temptation of this Peanut Butter Heart. Yes, I actually do put it on a plate and eat it with a fork. Its that good.

Me and my husband do not do alot on Valentines day since we spend every day showing our love for each other. But we will usually give each other a love note and go out out to dinner. I asked him not to get me candy this year since Im trying to diet, and im not to much of a flower girl. However, I did make some of this.....
Lemon Chex Buddies. I found the idea on Pinterest and the recipe HERE . I thought my husband would like them and couldn't wait til Valentines Day. They were easy and delicious and they are gone.
I ended up giving almost all of it away.
ok, I ate alot of it myself too. If it calls for powdered sugar then I got to have some. I mean, just give me a spoon!

I hope eveyone has a good day and make sure you show some love one way or another. And if your on a diet, let it go this once. I mean, Everyone needs a day to eat chocolate and not feel guilty about it. Until the morning anyway.
                                                           ♥♥Happy Valentines Day!♥♥