EKG ♥ Bracelet

I'm excited to share with you something Ive been working on the past few days. Well, It didn't take a few days to make, but the idea swirled around in my head for days until I finally came up with the style that worked for me.

It's an EKG Bracelet. You can call it a heartbeat bracelet or pulse rate bracelet too.
This bracelet is special to me. Its delicately made using my daughters heart rhythm. She had a minor surgery two years ago. When she came out of surgery, she had a copy of her EKG laying beside her. I snatched it up quickly with the intentions of getting a tattoo that mimicked this design. Well, I can throw that idea out of my mind because this bracelet is far less painful and a whole lot prettier.

It took some patience to bend and twist the wire until it was just right. I will say, I am definitely not a jewelry maker. Look close, you will see many flaws.  I don't have the tools I need to perfect it. I made this using only some needle nose pliers.

I think Ill stick to crochet for now.

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  1. I think you did an amazing job. It is beautiful and close to your heart. Love it!

  2. This is special indeed. A one of a kind piece for you to hold close to your heart and your daughter's.Though if you offered to make them for other's faced with illness you'd be quite successful I'm sure.

    1. I may try and make more. Not sure. I just do not have patience. Im more of a cozy crocheter. lol

  3. So cool! I would love to have one of these that matches the different elevations we run in races.