Nutrisystem Week 4- Cravings are Less

Wow! Its been a a whole month now that I've been on the Nutrisystem Diet plan. I'm loving that this is something Ive stuck with.

Nutrisystem Pizza with added onions and olives

The truth is, Its not even diet food, Its just proportioned meals to keep me on track.  Hard to believe that four weeks ago I sat down for my last fatty meal of a Big Mac and Large fry! I ate it all! Loved it too.

The best thing is I can talk about foods and it does not faze me anymore. I can ride past the doughnut shop or Chinese restaurant without the urge to order something to take home. 

The cravings are not completely gone but the strength to walk away from them is a piece of cake easy. 

Nutrisystem Beef tips and Mashed Potatoes

With Nutrisystem, I get to eat pizza, chocolate, potatoes, muffins and more! The portions are small but the way I'm feeling now is worth it all. I'm excited each week to see how many inches or lbs Ive lost.  Even if it is just a pound, it's a pound less than last week.

I'm going to keep going. 
Here are my results at the end of week four.

Ive lost 2 lbs this week puting me from 168 to 157lbs.
Total for the month....11 lbs. That's exciting to me.

I plan to stay off the scale and wait to weigh in at the end of February. I also plan to post about my journey every two weeks now so I don't bore everyone. So check back Sunday the 15th.
Now on to week five!

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  1. I am enjoying watching your journey as I am behind you! I'm only on day two of the Fast Five plan (first week). I did buy the whole month at one time. So, I can see what's allowed next week.....can't wait to get there! The food is just so good -and because I can eat unlimited vegetables (which I love) I have not felt deprived at all. Good luck to you and I'll check back on the 15th to see your progress!