Nutrisystem- Emotions

I just made it though a total of 6 weeks on Nutrisystem.

The past two weeks have been sort of an emotional struggle for me. I have struggles at work as I get no respect and no positive comments. Only let downs,teasing and tempting.  Little do they know, this makes me stronger.

While doing my exercises the other day I started feeling alone. I noticed I have to avoid my friends right now. I have to say no to dinner and lunch dates. This could lead to binge eating and they may not understand.

Some friends and family members that I come across will say things like, "You are fine as you are". "You do not need to loose weight" or You can eat this or that because its not THAT fattening". Or simple comments like "Your silly" or "Your crazy".  Ive learned that the ones that say these things neither have a need or desire to diet so they could not possible know what I'm going through. I have never told someone they are being ridiculous on their food choices nor have I ever tried to tempt someone with food while they are trying to diet.
My husband, daughter and one of my best friends are the only people that I know personally that are showing me support and helping me through this journey. My husband is always commenting the way I look and how my body is changing. He is dieting with me as well but on his own food choices. He does not complain that I do not cook meals anymore or want to go out to eat two or three times a week. He pushes me to exercise and eat healthy between meals.

With all of that being said-  I am proudly announcing that I have just officially joined Nutrisystem and will be having my meals delivered to my door. I signed up for the 28 day program. I will have to start with the fast five again even though Ive already lost over 12 lbs in a month with Nutrisystem. I felt I needed more to achieve my weight goal and since the food was so good, I wanted different varieties and I got to pick over 100 different foods of my choice. This is going to be exciting. I love my results so far and this is the longest I stuck with any diet. Even though I have not stopped the diet, when my package of foods arrive, It will be like starting over and their website will start monitoring my weight goals from week one of the meal arrival.

My Starting weight on January 1st was- 168 lbs.
My weight today is- 155 lbs.
I'm averaging about a pound or two a week. My scale can be different every time I step on it by a pound or two so I'm going to invest in a digital scale as I start my new road of this journey.

Check back every two weeks to see my progress and updates of my Nutrisystem journey.


  1. Support is what anyone needs when trying to make a tough lifestyle change.. I had a friend that had the determination of steel with his appetite. His wife however did not. and this friend would always tempt her and she would give in. I never understood his NOT SUPPORTING HER completely.

    Wife and I are trying (trying is the key word) to lose 10 lbs. EVERYONE says "YOu don't need to lose weight." I tell them I go my by pants waist size. I am too cheap to buy larger and AM NOT going to. I know when I need to lose weight. It is my mind that I need to overhaul. :)
    Very proud of you, I have an online friend who lost 150lbs and another who lost 175lbs with nutrisystem. I am so proud of them both.
    This sounds good for you and I am looking for the report. GOOD ON YOU!

  2. Way to go, Lisa! Keep it up!
    Crystal :o)