Recycled Leggings

Its been cold here the past few days. We had a day of ice, a day of spring, and then some snow. Its just crazy how the weather changes her in North Carolina.

I had a pair of nice soft leggings that I though were just ugly on my legs. I bought them to go with a sweater I have but cream color legging and fat legs do not go together. So, I'm going to show you a couple things I made with the leggings instead of giving them to the good will. I wanted to get some use out of them somehow.

When its cold in the house, we get this draft under the door that I'm sure is not suppose to happen. But it does. You know how those 1960's homes are. I fixed that by making a door draft stopper.

First I cut one of the legs off and sewed one end. Then I got an old towel and rolled it up to fit inside the leg. I could have used stuffing, but this way, I can take the towel out and wash the draft stopper when it gets dirty.


I cut a slit in the hem of the legging and threaded a ribbon into it and I slid the sock over the towel and tied the end shut for easy removal for washing. Works perfectly.


With pieces of the other leg, I decided to make a couple hand warmers.

 These cute little things are filled with rice.

All I have to do is pop them in the microwave for a minute, stick them in my pockets and have warm hands for approx 20 minutes.

Perfect if you have to stand outside in the cold or for kids at the bus stop. These hand warmers will work great with the snow we are getting.

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  1. Wow how cleaver and smart of you to make the door stop and hand warmers from you leggings!

  2. YOu are so neat it is sickening!!! :) (That is to us who just AIN'T). LOL
    Great idea of the draft stopper, much neater and prettier than the towel or rug pushed up against the crack. Somehow I can see it probably gets used more because it is decorative. I bet you were 'prettying-up stuff at three years old. :)

    Love from Florida on the Peace Riverl