Wine Gummy Bites

Move over gummy bears and Jello, now adults can enjoy some gelatin fun. If you like wine that is. This treat actually has health benefits both in the wine and the gelatin.
Health benefits of wine can be found  Here. Benefits such as lowering the risk of heart disease, type2 diabetes, cataracts, colon cancer and more.
Health benefits of gelatin can be found Here. Benefits such as clearing cellulite, stretchmarks, arthritis, wrinkles and more.
So see, there ya go, you can have a healthy heart and smooth butt by eating these. ♥. ha!

Now I'm going to share how to make some of these little chewy giggle jiggles. With the same texture as a gummy bear, they would go great at a party next to the cheese. Why drink wine when you can eat it? They do not have to be refrigerated. You can actually pack them up and take them with you to a party. They will not un-gel. Just remember, be sure to keep them away from children.

Wine Gummies
1 cup wine
4 Tbsp. clear gelatin
2 tablespoons honey (add more or less depending on how dry or sweet the wine is.)
  • Heat wine in a pot on the stove top (low). You just want it a nice warm about 90 degree. Do not boil or it will burn off all the alcohol.
  • Add the gelatin one tablespoon at a time. stirring until dissolved.
  • Add honey
  • pour into molds or dish and refrigerate at least 2 hours.
They are suppose to get stiff as a gummy bear and will not melt.
Cut into approx. 1 inch squares.

(10 squares will equal about 4 oz of wine so be careful not to over do it while snacking on these).


Warning: (1)Women should not drink alcohol while pregnant because of the risk of birth defects.(2)Consumption of alcohol impairs your ability to drive.(3)Drinking to much alcohol may impair your thinking and make you stupid

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  1. WHAT??? This is insanely amazing- I am so trying this! So many thanks for popping by Snickerdoodle Sunday with your latest make...hope to see you again this weekend!

    Sarah (Sadie Seasongoods)

  2. Jello Jigglers for adults! I Love it!

    Thank you for linking up at Party Under The Big Top. Hope to see you again next week! #BigTopBlogParty