Silver Anniversary

Today is my silver anniversary.

25 years ago, on a Sunday afternoon, I was a bride walking down the isle in a wedding gown my Mother made me. It was long and straight, full of lace and beads and had a short train that swept behind me.

The preacher cut his sermon a few minutes short. Then for the next 30 minutes, friends and family would come filtering in as the rest of the congregation kept their seats. The wedding was set for 12:30.

There were no bridesmaids or groomsmen. His father was the ring barer. My two year old daughter was the mini bride and walked down the isle before me. She saw Nick standing at the alter and she took off running towards him with arms wide open and flower petals slinging everywhere. She held tight to his leg as I slowly approached him while holding my daddy tight on my arm.

Unfortunately, none of my friends came to my wedding. Only my boss lady and another work employee showed. Everyone else seated on my side, was family or church members.
However, The grooms side of the church was full of his friends and family and later became my friends too. It was sad but I really didn't notice until afterward. That's when I handed my sister my bouquet with tears in my eyes and said "here, your next", then we headed off to the reception.

The reception was a nice dinner prepared by my mother in law and mom. My mother made me the prettiest three tier wedding cake. To this day, my daughter will tell me she wants her maw maw to make her a cake like that one day.

We did not have a honeymoon. We didn't have a baby sitter and I had to go to work the next day. But we sure have made it up in the 25 years we have been married and I wouldn't have it any other way.

We plan to have a beach wedding and renew our vowels some day. We used to say we would do it at our 25th anniversary, but obviously, it's a little late for that now.
So now we are shooting for a renewal wedding at our 30th anniversary. It want be long because time flies when your having fun. Tonight we may go out for a nice dinner to celebrate. I'm not sure what he has up his sleeve for today.

We will continue to reach for the Gold as our marriage grows stronger every day.
I dream of many more anniversaries!


  1. Happy Anniversary....must be love because it shows in your sweet and beautiful face. We eloped with no family members and I wouldn’t change a thing! Enjoy this special day my precious xo

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, I love success stories and that is. It is so sweet to see, hear and know someone who knows what marriage is all about. Now you have me remembering a one night honeymoon, I had to get back to the base.
    Glad for you and Nick and how sweet about your daughter. That is SOOOOOO important.
    Thanks for the story of the wedding, I love it.
    Sherry will be along later to talk about it.
    Sherry & jack from across the South Fork.

  3. Happy Anniversary! I loved hearing your story! Sad your friends didn’t come to your wedding but I suspect they were not really and truly friends.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing your story! A cake and dress made by family are absolute treasures. A happy marriage after all these years? The best gift of all. I look forward to seeing your beach 30th celebration, too. Have a great day!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! I wish you many, many more!! Renewal vows on the beach sounds perfect! Hugs!

  6. aw, so happy for yall

    on the 4th ... 33 years ... meeting Dina

  7. What a perfect day to have a wedding anniversary and congrats! :) Wishing you many more years of happiness.

  8. Awww, happy anniversary, Lisa & Nick!! Today is my parents' wedding anniversary also - 54 years, and my mom is missing my dad terribly today, her first year without him. It's a good day for a wedding, and I wish you and Nick many more happy years together!

  9. Happy 25th Anniversary Lisa! Wishing you and your husband many wonderful years ahead! I loved reading your wedding story!

  10. Lisa, I want to wish you and Nick a wonderful 25th Wedding Anniversary! I am so happy for the both of you! It warms my heart when you share about the experiences you and Nick do together. What a blessing the two of you are to each other. One day, I hope to meet you and Nick in person. What a wonderful life the two of you have together. I enjoy your blog to the inspire many people...and I am one of those people! and Nick have many wonderful years in the future together! Again...I am so happy for you!

  11. Happy anniversary! Wishing you many more healthy and happy years!

  12. That's one of the most romantic wedding stories ever. True love is the stories where the happy ending is getting to be with the one you love, not where you have all the fancy trappings and an extravagant get way. My honeymoon was KFC and a movie...we also had to work on Monday and had no time off. We'd planned a honeymoon for year 25, but we floated that to 30. We'll see. I got the guy- the rest is just icing on the cake.

  13. Now that is the perfect wedding! Oh, it is so sweet. Congratulations and happy anniversary. Glad to meet another North Carolina blogger. I love love love "The friends I have never met", in the side bar. That is exactly how I feel. My blog friends are the best friends I've ever had. I also love your blog. I spent many years in an office chair.

  14. I'm always amazed by how some couples get a whole damn city to attend their wedding. We had a small crowd too, I never minded. The more people, the more it cost us.

  15. Many Happy Anniversary Wishes.

    All the best Jan